Chennai: ‘There is no history of the DMK being destroyed except for those who wanted to destroy the DMK,’ said the Chief Minister. Stalin spoke.

The marriage of Deepti and Vashvaksena, the granddaughter of Revenue Minister KKSSR Ramachandran, took place yesterday at Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai under the chairmanship of Chief Minister MK Stalin. The Chief Minister who conducted the marriage said:

In this large hall we count and participate as our home wedding. On the other hand you know what is going on in the wedding hall. Not everything wants to go into that issue. We do not need to interfere. They are the ones who have decided to destroy us. There is no history of the DMK being destroyed, except for those who wanted to destroy the DMK.

The marriage has been consummated as a reform marriage, a ‘Dravidian model’ wedding. KKSSR Ramachandran, who has always been faithful and grateful for where he is. Who was a minister in the MGR cabinet. If he is a minister in the cabinet of former Chief Minister Karunanidhi and now in the cabinet headed by me, then he knows to what extent he is engaging himself in public service.

Like the drug brothers

When he left the AIADMK and joined the DMK, he was appointed secretary for the district after Thangapandian’s demise. Thereafter, when the district was divided into two for the development of the party, Thangapandian’s son Thangam Tennarasu served as district secretary for one area and KKSSR for another. Both are like big medicine and small medicine. Arunkumar, son-in-law of KKSSR, lives near my house. He would talk to me often.

He will make it clear where it is not right and where it is good. The account he can tell is correct. Even at election time, this place is not right, this place is a little rough. He will tell you to pay attention and leave. He will say anything exactly. I will watch the cinema without even knocking what he says. One who can weigh anything to that extent.

I have a granddaughter too

Bride Deepti is not only the granddaughter of KKSSR; I have a granddaughter too. When my mother and mother-in-law fell ill and were taken to London, Arun Kumar was the one who assisted in all the treatments nearby. I will never forget it. That’s why I have come to want to come to this wedding anyway, despite being a little physically weak and resting. Thus spoke the Chief Minister.

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