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Tens of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets on Saturday for ask for the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro, responsible for a management of the pandemic defined as “disastrous” that made Brazil one of the epicenters of Covid-19 and caused the death of 460 thousand people. The demonstrations, the largest since the beginning of the health emergency, were organized by left-wing parties and by trade union and student associations in numerous cities, from São Paulo to Belo Horizonte, from Recife to the capital Brasília, up to dozens of small towns. all over the country. “Today is a decisive day in the battle to defeat the Bolsonaro genocidal administration», Said Silvia de Mendonça, 55, activist of the Brazilian Negro Unificado Movement, at the head of the procession of about 10 thousand people that marched in the center of Rio de Janeiro.

In the Brazilian metropolis, many demonstrators – with masks – were brandishing signs that they remembered loved ones killed by the pandemic, in a country that has the second worst toll after the United States and which has seen infections – now 16 million – and victims grow exponentially since the beginning of 2021. “They are chanting for everything, even for Palestine: they are asking for vaccines, public health, education », explained the correspondent of Al Jazeera from Rio, Monica Yanakiew. “The common denominator is that they want Bolsonaro to resign”, the president “Bolsovirus” – as he is mocked by his detractors – who continues to oppose masks and social distancing and puts pressure on governors and mayors “who have adopted lockdowns without scientific evidence” to back down.

“We can not lose the lives of other Brazilians: we have to take to the streets every day until the government falls, ”he told al Guardian Osvaldo Bazani da Silva, a 48-year-old hairdresser who lost his younger brother due to the coronavirus. “I’m here for him,” said 18-year-old Luiz Dantas, pointing to the photo of his grandfather Sebastião who died in February at the age of 75. “The culprit has a name and a surname”, continued Dantas in tears, referring to the denier president, in office since January 2019, who has repeatedly downplayed the scope of the pandemic and called the coronavirus “a small flu”, boycotting the restrictive measures adopted around the world and downplaying the risks. “I want justice.”

According to 46-year-old Ana Paula Carvalho, an economist who took to the streets in Rio, the president should be tried in the International Criminal Court in The Hague for “crimes against the Brazilian people: he favored death and destruction, Bolsonaro is a Brazilian tragedy”. The president has always defended himself by arguing that he opposed the lockdown to protect livelihoods and jobs of the Brazilian people, but according to critics it has achieved the opposite result: the uncontrolled spread of the virus and the insufficient number of vaccines purchased to fight it have destroyed the economy and killed hundreds of thousands of people. “Today the Brazilian people can choose whether to die of coronavirus or starvationHe explained to the British newspaper Carvalho.

The approval of Bolsonaro’s work – elected on 28 October 2018 with 55% of the votes – is collapsing and, according to the findings of the polling institute Data Sheet, 45% of Brazilians think their government is “bad” or “terrible”. 57% of the population is now in favor of indicting the president, furious at the far-right populist rhetoric with which he led the country during the pandemic. The Senate investigation into the management of Bolsonaro is contributing to the indignation of the population, which dominates all the news every night, but also the political resurrection of the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in office from 2003 to 2010 and in prison for 560 days starting from April 2018, after a controversial conviction for corruption and money laundering.

Released from the Supreme Court in November 2019 and overturned in March this year, the former left-wing president – father of the Partido dos Trabalhadores which he founded during the military dictatorship and with whom he came to govern the country – has recently regained political rights and aims to apply again in 2022: the Brazilians “will get rid” of Bolsonaro, says Lula, who has not yet officially run and has never confirmed the rumors. “He could have avoided half of all these deaths.”

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