Thousands without masks in London and Germany against anti-covid blockades: clashes and arrests

Day of protests yesterday in Europe with thousands of people took to the streets both in Germany and in the United Kingdom for protest against the anti-contag regulationsme and the covid blocks decided by the respective authorities. Street protests to say no to lockdowns and closures but also to say no to the obligations of distancing and masks. In fact, almost none of those who took to the street wore masks and none tried to maintain the distance imposed by the anti-contagion rules dictated by the international health authorities. Crowds and gatherings, despite being banned, were staged in London, England, and in Kessel in west-central Germany.

Clashes between police and demonstrators in Kessel in Germany

Inevitable tensions with the police both in Germany and in Great Britain where there was scuffle between demonstrators and riot police who tried to disperse the crowd. In both countries there were also several arreststhe. In Kessel, about 20 thousand people took to the streets who joined the march organized by deniers but also by the German far right to say no to the policies to fight the pandemic imposed by the Merkel chancellery. The tension skyrockets when a group of protesters tried to break through a police cordon who responded by using water cannons, batons and pepper spray to disperse the crowd. The intermittent clashes lasted for a few hours and several were the stops operated by the agents. On the contrary, the demonstration of the covid deniers in Berlin where only a few dozen demonstrators gathered at the Brandenburg Gate was resolved with very few participants.

Marcia no vax, over thirty arrests in London

Other miles of people, always without masks and chanting anti-covid name slogans, took to the streets in London instead. Among them also the leaders of the British deniers including the no-vax and conspiracy theorist, Piers Corbyn, and actor Laurence Fox. The demonstrators gathered in Hyde Park to march through the streets of the center of the English capital but here too they clashed with the police who blocked the passage in riot gear. The clashes in Trafalgar Square where the crowd was dispersed by the policemen who arrested over 30 demonstrators protesting against the lockdown measures. Other clashes went on in Hyde Park where many of the participants returned after the first scuffles, also giving rise to the throwing of bottles and cans at the police officers.


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