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But heavy rain fell on Haifa: Maher Hamad, Mahmoud Kalk and Rajaj Hajazi The three 18-year-olds from Haifa were killed in a horrific road accident that occurred early in the morning (Friday-Saturday 4/12/21) at the Tamra junction.

Maher Hamad, Muhammad Qalq, the late Rajaj Hajazi

At 01:07, a report was received at an MDA hotline in the Carmel area, about a vehicle that overturned at the Tamra junction. MDA medics and paramedics, who arrived at the scene, reported three young people without signs of life and determined their deaths.

MDA paramedic Itai Mazur said: “We saw a crushed vehicle after it overturned several times, inside which the 3 passengers were trapped, they were unconscious, without breathing and without a pulse. On medical examination the three young men were without signs of life and we had no choice but to determine their deaths.”

Tirat Carmel Municipality - wide
Road accident (Photo: MDA)
Road accident (Photo: MDA)

The father of the slain Mahmoud Kalk, the Imam of the Al-Estkalal Mosque in Haifa, Sheikh Assad Kalk: “Haifa mourns its sons. May your memory be blessed, my dear son and the memory of your friends Maher and Rajah. We have nothing to say but God gave and God took.”

Former school principal Hywar tells Lachi Here about Mahmoud Kalk: “Mahmoud Kalk is the kind of student who can not be forgotten and can not be remembered, especially when describing a graduate of a value system, respectful and respectful, a graduate who cares about the environment in general and society in particular. Mahmoud was very active in all the school’s unique activities and programs. “Personal mentor, all this along with his impressive achievements. Mahmoud is a member of a very special family, strongly believes that she has succeeded in instilling the beliefs in the education of her children.

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Tirat Carmel Municipality - wide

The funeral of the three is planned together and the three bodies will be buried side by side. The date of the funeral will be updated tomorrow (Sunday).

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