Three killed, including a 9-year-old girl, in another Russian missile attack on kyiv

Three killed, including a 9-year-old girl, in another Russian missile attack on kyiv

2023-06-01 07:35:00

Emergency work after the attack on a health center in kyiv Kyiv City Military Administratio | EFE

The missiles were directed against infrastructure in the Ukrainian capital, but caused damage and victims when they fell after being intercepted by anti-aircraft defenses.

01 jun 2023 . Updated at 09:23 h.

Three people have died this morning in the Ukrainian capital as a result of a new Russian missile attack against the city that has also caused several injuries, as reported today by the kyiv Military Administration to Efe.

Tonight Russia has killed a 9-year-old girl, her 34-year-old mother and another 33-year-old woman, the Ukrainian police said. At first it was reported that the minor victim was 11 years old. Russia attacked the Ukrainian capital last morning with 10 Iskander missiles that were directed against critical infrastructures in the Ukrainian capital or its surroundings. As reported by the Ukrainian Air Force, the 10 missiles were shot down, but caused damage and casualties when they fell after being intercepted by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses.

The remains of the missiles caused damage in a polyclinic for childrenin two schools and a police station and in several public and private buildings in three different districts of the Ukrainian capital.

The mayor of the city, Vitalii Klychko, has explained that the clinic management is being investigated for not having opened the shelter to those who were in the building during the attack. Explosions were heard in the center of the city shortly after 3 in the morning.

kyiv has been attacked with kamikaze drones or missiles up to 17 times during the month of May. The Ukrainian authorities attribute the increase in the frequency and intensity of these attacks, almost always at night, to Russia’s intention to demoralize the Ukrainians and exhaust their anti-aircraft defenses.

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