Three men were hiding under the pseudonym of the Spanish writer Carmen Mola

The popular Spanish writer Carmen Mola turned out to be the pseudonym of three men. This became known during the presentation of the prestigious Planet Prize. When the writer was invited to take the stage for the award for the historical film “The Beast”, three men went out to receive the prize instead.

The authors themselves argue that the image of the Spanish teacher was chosen by chance, and not because of PR. Agustin Martinez, one of the authors, said that the image of Mola worked only because their works were to the liking of the readers.

Another of the men, Jorge Diaz, noted that anonymity was more to his liking. This option was very convenient: criticism and popularity concerned only Mola and did not affect the authors themselves. Antonio Mercero admitted that the co-authors had long understood that the secret could not be hidden for a long time, so they decided to confess everything on their own.


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