Thriller series – “Kaleidoscope”

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Eight episodes whose plot takes place over 24 years – from the events that led to the robbery to half a year after it. The story follows a talented team of thieves who try to break into the most secure safe in history, guarded by the best security company in the world, with each episode of the series revealing a different part of the complicated puzzle of the robbery. The series will air on 1.1.23

The series was written in a way where the pieces of the puzzle are not linear – that is, the order in which we watch the series does not matter.

Netflix will upload the series to different viewers in a different order. Each of us will receive the episodes in random order, and we can also choose for ourselves which episode to watch and when.

The episodes will be named after colors and will focus on the personal stories of the team members. For example, the “yellow” episode will take place 6 weeks before the robbery, and the “blue” episode will take place 5 days before the robbery.

The order in which we watch the episodes will affect our point of view and the characters we identify with. Only the last episode, called “White”, will be the episode that seals the series for all viewers and will answer all the questions that have arisen throughout the season

The series was created by screenwriter Eric Garcia (“The Conspiracies”) together with director Ridley Scott (“The Eighth Passenger”), and will star Giancarlo Esposito (“Trust Sol”), Paz Vega (“Talk to her”), Rufus SWL (“time”), Daddy Gabriel (“Uncharted”), Peter Mark Kendall (“The Americans”) fRosalyn Albee (“Rami”).

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