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Thrilling CSK – Series – Tamil News

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Chennai Super Kings enjoyed their first win after 4 consecutive defeats. This is the Chennai team that captured a stunning victory like Come Back.

Chennai team put a big stop to many criticisms that Jadeja’s leadership was not good and the team’s bowling was not good. Chennai led by Jadeja showed his full potential in all aspects like batting, bowling and fielding.

Today, the Chennai Super Kings and the Royal Challengers Bangalore clashed at the DY Bottle Stadium. Bangalore captain Bob du Plessis chose to bowl after winning the toss. “If the toss had been won, we would have chosen bowling,” Jadeja said. The Chennai team has given a full feast to the fans who were longing for Chennai to record its first win in this match.

Ruthuraj Kejriwal and Uthappa batted first for Chennai. Ruthuraj was bowled out for 17 off 16 balls, including three fours, in what was expected to be a stellar performance in the match. Main Ali, who was then fielded, also took 3 runs and was run out, while Uthappa on the other hand gave a patient start and started to show action. Then the Sivam Dube – Uthappa duo started bowling the Bangalore team all over the place.

With only 60 runs scored in the first 10 overs, the Sivam Dube-Uthappa pair helped Chennai to 216 for 165. Uthappa hit 88 off 50 balls, including four fours and nine sixes, before Hasaranga caught Virat Kohli off the ball.

Chennai lost 2 wickets for 36 runs when Uthappa lost his third wicket. At the other end Sivam Dube revealed his climactic action game. He was unbeaten on 95 off 46 balls, including 5 fours and 8 sixes. Jadeja continued to bat but Dhoni did not play a single ball.

Chennai Super Kings scored 216 runs for the loss of 4 wickets at the end of 20 overs. Bangalore captain Bob du Plessis and Anuj Rawat were the opening batsmen with a Himalayan target of 217. Former Bangalore captain Virat Kohli, who came on for the first wicket after Bob du Plessis was dismissed for 8, walked for 1. They were followed by Anuj Rawat for 12, Shahbaz Ahmed and Glenn Maxwell paired up to start the innings but Maxwell Jadeja, who hit 26 off 11 balls, including 2 fours and 2 sixes, snatched his wicket. Then Shahbaz teamed up with Ahmed and newcomer Suyash started to show action.

Suyash Deekshana, who scored an impressive 34 off 18 balls, was bowled out. Following on, Shahbaz Ahmed and Deekshana were bowled out for 41 by Bangalore. However, it seemed that Chennai seemed to have a problem as Dinesh Karthik started to show action but no one stood right on the other end for Dinesh Karthik. Struggling to reach the target as a single, he was bowled out for 34 off 14 balls. In the end, Bangalore managed only 193 runs for the loss of 9 wickets. Chennai Super Kings recorded their first victory by 23 runs.

Deekshana bowled well and took 4 wickets for just 33 runs. Jadeja took 3 wickets for 39 runs in 4 overs. Sivam Dubey, who was unbeaten on 95, won the man of the match award.

The Chennai team proved to be the same Chennai team that won the trophy last year, playing very well in all respects to the overall critics and fans of the team in a single match. Also, Jadeja has recorded his first win as captain. On top of this, the fans of the Chennai Super Kings team are eager to see where the game will go.

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