‘Thunivu’ Tik Tok celebrity dancer Ramesh suicide: Tragedy of death on birthday

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Dancer Ramesh (42) is famous for posting dance videos on Instagram reels. He has two wives. First wife Chitra lives with their two daughters in Moore Market area and second wife lives in KP Park Apartments in Pulianthoppu.

A video posted by Ramesh dancing to a movie song in the market area went viral. This gave Ramesh an opportunity to participate in a popular private television dance show. Through this, the popular dancer Ramesh got a chance to act in small roles in the film ‘Thunivu’ starring actor Ajith and the upcoming film ‘Jailor’ starring actor Rajinikanth.

In this case, dancer Ramesh went to the house of his second wife who is living in KP Park apartment in Pulianthoppu area this evening. Later, around 6 o’clock, Ramesh, a dancer, suddenly jumped down from the tenth floor and committed suicide at the Basin Bridge police station.

On this, the police went there and recovered the dead body of Ramesh and sent it to the government hospital. The police registered a case and conducted an investigation into the incident.

According to the preliminary investigation, Rameshi’s second wife Inpavalli, who lives in KP Park area of ​​Pulianthoppu, came to his house as today was his birthday. It has been revealed that he committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor due to non-payment.

And after Ramesh became famous and started participating in various programs on television, there was a fight between his first wife and his second wife. It was revealed that the second wife Inpavalli had abducted the dancer Ramesh after the first wife Chitra filed a complaint in Pulianthoppu police station in August last year and an investigation was held.

After that there is peace between the two wives. In this situation, the incident of Ramesh’s death in the apartment where his second wife Inpavalli is staying has raised some doubts in the police. Although the relatives said that Ramesh committed suicide, they are investigating from many angles whether the drunken dancer Ramesh fell down and died or committed suicide because of non-payment for the birthday celebration or any other reason.

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