Ticketing for the 2024 Olympics: how to increase your chances of getting tickets

On your marks, ready? Go ! Paris 2024 opens its ticketing platform tickets.paris2024.org this Thursday, December 1 at 11 a.m. Fans have until January 31 to register for the big lottery which will allow them, perhaps, to win a slot to buy the packs, which go on sale from February 15, 2023. “Experience the Games in real life, be Witnessing the performance, being an actor in the atmosphere is something unforgettable, believes Tony Estanguet, president of the organizing committee. And what a pleasure to see the Games coming home! “It’s up to you, then!

A lottery, what for?

Often, during major events, the first-connected-first-served rule prevails: you connect to a platform, position yourself on packs and wait to know the result of the draw to find out which pack you finally got. In particular, in order to avoid saturation of the platform and disappointments if the pack won is not what we hoped for, Paris 2024 has opted for a lottery system allowing you to get a sales slot.

No need to rush to the platform from December 1st. Whether you register for the lottery on December 1 (from 11 a.m.) or January 31 (before 6 p.m.), the chances (or not!) of winning a slot are the same!

When you log in, you will be asked if you want to join the 2024 club. We advise you to accept. Admittedly, you will regularly receive information from Paris 2024 in your mailbox, but you will increase your chances of obtaining one of the first sales slots, since the first four days are reserved for club members. Note that for these Olympic Games, the platform will be the only way to buy single tickets, since unlike previous editions, there is not one reseller per country. From December 1, the lottery will not be reserved for France but open to the whole world.

From February 15, the lucky ones will be able to create their packs

If you register for the lottery, you will have to watch your mailbox until mid-March. The lucky winners will be notified that they have obtained a time slot, 48 hours before it opens. The sales platform opens on February 15. Don’t panic if you haven’t received an email on February 13, the flow is constant and you can, for example, be notified on March 5 that a slot is opening for you on March 7.

You will then have 48 hours to compose your tailor-made packs. Because it is a novelty for these Olympic Games: the packs are not closed and the sale is done in real time. When your slot opens, you buy the tickets that are available and you compose your own packs. This first phase of sales, which should make it possible to sell 3 million tickets (out of 10 million) will end on March 15, 2023. 80% of the sessions are available. However, the most requested events (opening ceremony, basketball final, 100m final) will be on sale at a later stage.

From 24 to 690 euros

Although your shopping window is quite wide, we advise you, before logging in, to consult the Olympic Games program in order to have an idea of ​​the sessions you want to attend. 600 will be open for sale. However, if the programming of certain sports (athletics, swimming, breaking, fencing or judo) is already known, for others, in particular co-sports, it will be necessary to operate blind, the qualified and therefore the composition of the pools n not being known to date.

We also advise you to make your first purchases at the start of your slot, as some tickets may no longer be available afterwards. Within your time slot, you will be able to reconnect as many times as you wish.

A pack includes at least 3 tickets. You will therefore be asked to choose what in Olympic jargon is called “3 sessions”, that is to say three sports programs (generally, the program operates in half-days). Prices start at 24 euros and can reach 690 euros. Paris 2024 ensures that “50% of the tickets cost 50 euros and less. »

You can buy between 3 and 30 tickets

You can select only one sport or bet on the discovery of disciplines. You will be asked the category of tickets you want (A, B, C, D or First) as well as the number of tickets, which will allow you to attend the Olympics alone, with family or friends. You are entitled to several packs (each time with a minimum of 3 tickets). In total, you can acquire 30 tickets (a single person can therefore make up 10 packs of 3 tickets). And this for all sales phases: if you opt for 30 tickets during this first phase, you will no longer be able to buy any in May, when Paris 2024 will put single tickets on sale.

If you get a time slot, you can share it with your friends and family (within the limit of your 30 tickets). If resale is prohibited, Paris 2024 will set up a platform allowing you to sell a ticket you no longer want.

What if I don’t have tickets this time?

The session that opens from February 15 to March 15, 2023 will only be the first phase of sales. If you don’t get a slot this time, all is not lost! Only 3 of the 10 million tickets will have been sold. During May, Paris 2024 will put single tickets on sale, with once again access via a draw. There will inevitably be disappointed, but the doors of the Olympic sites will not necessarily be closed.

The State, local authorities (particularly those hosting events) and Paris 2024 will set up a social ticket office (up to one million tickets) which will allow young people from priority neighborhoods, people far from employment or volunteers who work throughout the year in sports associations, to attend events.

The organizing committee is also launching a solidarity ticket office (ticket buyers will be invited to make a donation on the platform), allowing charities to access tickets. Finally, On Location, the service provider appointed by the International Olympic Committee to develop the hospitality program, also has a ticket office. The tickets, which can be purchased by individuals, are however accompanied by benefits, and are therefore more expensive than those sold by the Cojo.


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