Tickets can be bought again on the BVG bus, but only cashless

Berlin What works in shops or at petrol stations should also work on BVG buses from Monday: buying tickets with a giro card, credit card, Apple or Google Pay. This means that since March 2020 the phase in which you could not buy a ticket on the bus has come to an end. However, cash is still not accepted.

Due to Corona, contact between drivers and passengers for ticket purchases was prevented because there was fear that chauffeurs and passengers would infect each other. The front doors remained closed and the driver’s cabs were temporarily shielded with plastic sheeting.

In the meantime, the driver’s seats in around 1400 buses for 2.1 million euros have been shielded with separating panes; according to the BVG, measurements have shown that they keep away potentially virus-contaminated aerosols.

Card or smartphone must be held in front of a reader

Now the front doors are opened again. If you need a ticket, you have to hold a technically suitable card or your smartphone in front of a reader and the amount will be debited. The existence of possible “near field communication” (NFC) can be recognized by the symbol of four wavy lines.

If you have a season ticket or already have a ticket, you can still use the rear doors of the buses to board. All passengers must continue to wear an FFP2 mask.

So far, cashless payment, which the BVG wants to supplement with a prepaid card that you can top up yourself, has been a so-called pilot experiment. The Senate Department for Transport, as the “tariff approval authority”, has yet to issue final approval.



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