Tightening of the new corona rules: Interior Minister increases “control pressure”

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer and Franz Ruf, Director General for Public Security, announced on Monday that the 2-G rules would be rigorously monitored.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said: “We have the highest level of infections” – that is why the 2-G rule must actually be checked. The “control pressure” is increased. According to his information, 800 police officers will be assigned for this purpose, in cooperation with all other police units. “The police officers will carry out these checks carefully,” emphasized Nehammer. For those who adhere to all measures, it is unfair if others were to trick people with the specifications. “Forging certificates is a serious criminal offense. We are talking about fraud and forgery of documents.” Up to 500 euros could be fined for someone who, for example, enters an inn without having a 2-G certificate; In such a case, the operator could face a fine of up to 30,000 euros.

General Director Franz Ruf explained how these checks will look in practice: firstly, the verification of the 2-G certificate, secondly, the comparison with an official photo ID. “If fake certificates are found, 500 times since March, an investigation is carried out.” These are not peculiar offenses, stressed Ruf. “It is now necessary that we strictly monitor and, if necessary, also report it.”


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