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Recently, due to the amazing performance of OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, the topic of AI art has become quite hot, and TikTok has also caught up with this ride and launched an “AI green screen” effect in its Android and iOS apps. The function allows you to produce a “work of art” that is somewhat abstract oil painting style in the way of text narration. The resulting artwork can then be used in the film as a copyright-free background.

Unlike DALL-E 2’s realistic style (or, to be precise, any style can be specified), TikTok’s system should deliberately generate images in a more abstract style. One of the difficulties faced by AI art is how to control the output images so as not to produce too “explicit” content. DALL-E 2 is still inviting users on a very small scale, and has a very strict filtering and review of the entered text, but TikTok cannot do this. Relatively speaking, TikTok’s AI painting generator uses abstract painting style and vague meaning to avoid less inappropriate content such as eroticism and violence.

DALL-E is still far superior in the accuracy and variety of paintings, but TikTok gives ordinary users the opportunity to try to generate paintings with AI. Presumably similar functions will appear in more apps in the future to assist creators.


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