TikTok celebrity dancer Ramesh commits suicide

TikTok celebrity dancer Ramesh commits suicide

Many people who are famous for showing their talent on platforms including Tik Tok have entered the cinema as well. Dancer Ramesh is the one who became famous on the internet by dancing like that. He had given an interview last year that his family was poor and had no means of even food. He had also said that he had sent his child to work after dropping out of school.

It is noteworthy that he spoke with tears saying that I only knew dance and did not get opportunities. After this, he participated in a dance show on Zee Tamil TV, after which he acted in films like Thadvu and Jailer.

It is said that he had frequent fights with his two wives as he was a heavy drinker. In this case, dancer Ramesh suddenly committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor. The police are currently investigating the matter. His suicide has shocked everyone.


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