TikTok, new ‘anti-fake’ functions are coming: here are what

Rome, 22 March (time.news)

TikTok also launches new functions in Italy for the identification of misleading or untruthful contents, “in order to limit their sharing within the community”. The announcement comes in a post by Gina Hernandez, Product Manager, Trust & Safety. Today against fake news “we take a step further – he explains – by informing users directly when we identify a video that contains unproven information, with the aim of further limiting its sharing”.

If a video contains content that is not verified with certainty, a banner will be applied so as to make it known to other users as well. Instead, the Creator who published it will be sent a notification to inform him of what happened. Also, if a user wants to share the video marked as “unverified”, a notification will appear to remind them.

The novelty adds to the collaborations that social media for music videos already has with leading organizations in fact checking such as PolitiFact, Lead Stories, SciVerify and, as an Italian reality, Pagella Politics.


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