TikTok platform for tramps? No, young people find work there

Work for young people? You search on TikTok. And who would have thought that ?! In the common imagination, at least of those over twenty, TikTok is a strange social media where dances, songs, dubbing and jokes between teenagers alternate at a frenetic pace in very short videos. In reality there is much more: you can even learn how to find a job.

We talked about it with Fabiana Andreani, a work and training professional, who became an influencer of TikTok (and Instagram) with her videos in which she teaches young and very young people how to look for work.

A millennial that made it into Generation Z, can we define you like this? And how did it happen?

For many years I have been involved in post-graduate training and I have a great curiosity for the world of social media. Using them, at a certain point I got tired of posting photos and used more and more videos, until one day I was advised “if you like videos so much you should open TikTok” and from there, more than a new social channel , a world has opened up to me. It is true, the prevailing audience is very young, but for this very reason I accepted the challenge of learning to speak in a new language. At first, like all new challenges, it seems almost impossible, but once you learn the basic dynamics, anyone can produce highly successful videos.

Even the theme is not exactly obvious: why talk about work on TikTok?

A little for professional training: it is the theme that I have always dealt with, a little because I also wanted to introduce a new type of female figure that was not the dancer, the mother or the food blogger. I’m happy with the success I’m having not only for myself, but also because I’m showing that on TikTok and with young people you can talk about serious issues, just do it in the right way. Now there are a lot of people talking about work but I have been a bit of a forerunner.

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Often the stereotype of hyper-connected young people is that of children who are disinterested in finding work. And instead?

Instead, my experience shows exactly the opposite: the videos I produce are very short tutorials on how to look for work, small practical tips that seem obvious to those who work but which for young job seekers are very useful to get involved. The success I am having is a sign of a generation looking for opportunities, that wants to try but needs the right advice to do it. Perhaps it is we, the older ones, who have to go and talk to young people, entering their territory and speaking their language. I believe I have. I can say that I have found some girls and boys perhaps more concrete than we were, unfortunately also lost for the situation they are experiencing but still ready to try if you help them to do so. They are not looking for a “permanent job” but for companies that believe in and invest in them.

Have you ever gotten any direct feedback from kids, in addition to the millions of views of your videos?

Even at this moment, if I open Instagram I have hundreds of requests for advice: “Fabiana what do you think of this course?”, “Hi Fabiana, at the interview I answered like this, what do you think?”, “Fabiana thanks for your advice. .. “. I find it hard to answer everyone but it is a great pleasure and I try.

While we’re at it, would you like to give some practical advice to young readers looking for work?

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Very gladly. First, they must not give up: many times they tend to give up if they do not receive a positive response on the first try. The possibilities are many, life is not over, indeed, it has just begun! Second, learn how to make a good CV, where you can make the most of your skills. Third, it is useless to send out applications in bursts: identify the jobs that really do for you thinking even if you are suitable for that job. Last: change is a positive thing, changing objectives, course of study, path, is not a defeat but it can be the way to be successful. If you want more advice look for me on TikTok and Instagram (fabianamanager).


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