Tiktok will produce a classical music album with versions of all the popular songs

The combination of music and tiktok goes hand in hand, we have learned this very well about our flesh in recent years. Whether it’s the repression of rappers, Roni Dalumi that makes everyone cry or the creation of stars out of nowhere like Maya Dadon. Now, the company has teamed up with Warner Music to further tighten that connection and release classic versions of the 18 most popular sounds on Tiktok.

Some of the sounds are already out in the app today and are available starting this morning. The album Tiktok’s classics – from water and viral hits It will be released in full on 12.8 after the first singles came out on 8.7. What songs are going to be there? Beggin ‘, Pieces All We Got and of course we’ll get Oh No.

“Tiktok is a creative home for all types of genres,” Michael Kumarla told the media. “The classic banner for new fans in a way they would not expect. The exciting collaboration with Warner Classics and the Belsberg Film Orchestra brings this vision to life.”

He continued: “Tiktok’s evolution is breathtaking, especially in terms of growth in older audiences. Tiktok has proven to be a platform for discovering music – and we are seeing Tiktok users discover more and more classical music.”


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