Tilman Kuban on “Viertel nach Acht” – We would do well to interview the members – Domestic politics

Wednesday evening. A new edition of the program “Viertel nach Acht – the talk that makes the headlines”. New topics, new exciters, new arguments!

The guests this Wednesday:

  • The federal chairman of the Junge Union, Tilman Kuban
  • Editor-in-chief and publisher Roger Köppel (“Die Weltwoche”)
  • BILD and BZ columnist Gunnar Schupelius
  • BILD opinion leader Filipp Piatov
  • BILD presenter and bestselling author Nena Schink

► What is special about the “Viertel nach Acht” format: The guests determine the topics themselves – everyone brings a “excitement” with them, which is then discussed by everyone.

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Vulnerable positions at VW

The first exciting topic of the evening comes from BILD presenter Nena Schink. As the Handelsblatt reports, Herbert Diess is said to have openly thought about a mega job cuts at VW. Up to 30,000 jobs are to be cut. BILD presenter Nena Schink sees it as a “leadership through provocation”. That’s not how you treat employees.

Schink asks: “Isn’t it risky to design scenarios that are not there yet? I find that almost a little anti-social. “

Publisher Roger Köppel says: “This is an act of industrial scrapping. That is the result of chasing after the climate religion. That is the receipt of the climate policy, that costs tens of thousands of jobs. “

JU boss Tilman Kuban says: “In the end it is an economic decision to let the automotive companies decide how to do it.” However, Kuban agrees: “If we only rely on electromobility, it will need fewer workers.”

At the same time, Kuban points out: “But new jobs will also be created, there is a lot of potential in the future vehicles that we will produce.”

The JU boss says: “At the end of the day, we have a social market economy and thus also a responsibility for the employees – and also for the environment. We have to give electromobility a chance. “

BZ chief columnist Gunnar Schupelius contradicts: “It is the requirements of the EU! It’s not the competition. “

Expropriation debate in Berlin

The next topic comes from the federal chairman of the Junge Union, Tilman Kuban: The expropriation debate of German housing groups in Berlin. Background: A majority in Berlin had voted in favor of the plan to make large housing groups in the city with a total of 240,000 apartments publicly owned.

The JU boss thinks this is wrong and therefore calls for more investment and the creation of new living space. Kuban: “It makes me think when up to 36 billion euros are to be spent. We have to create and invest new living space – and thus create new living space. “

Schupelius replies: “The question is where the counter-offensive has gone. Was there a silence in the forest? You could see beforehand where it would go. “

Kuban says: “The CDU has always positioned itself clearly, but perhaps the SPD should have been nailed down more.”

BILD opinion leader Filipp Piatov thinks: “We are experiencing a capital city that doesn’t work – and nothing at all. And the government that is responsible for it is re-elected every time. I don’t understand this city. “

“I was amazed when I saw this vote and this discussion – especially how uncritically the public authorities reported about it,” says publisher Köppel.

Schupelius agrees: “What is true, the debate must be fundamentally.”

Kuban says the question is whether one can say to people again “you can create property again”. “I can already see that we have significant problems in big cities. We have to talk about what the state can do about it. For me, property is a question of social advancement, ”says Kuban.

The reorganization of the CDU

Then it comes to the crashing electoral defeat of the CDU in the federal election and the announcement that the CDU will then be reorganized. BILD opinion leader Filipp Piatov says: “I don’t understand what’s been going on in this party since the crashing election defeat. Actually, you’d have to do a complete restart now – and really. Someone would have to say: ‘I want to lead this party’ – instead we only hear hints. “

“Now this whole restart process is left to Armin Laschet – and the federal board. The people who drove the party against the wall should now organize the restart. For me, the CDU is currently a party without guts! ”Says Piatov.

Kuban replies: “We have a clear procedure. We will now talk to the district chairpersons about their position on the subject of member surveys. “

And further: “Somehow such a sword of Damocles hovers over us. There is a feeling – whether it is really true is another question – that three times in the last two years, at AKK, at Armin Laschet and also on the question of the candidacy for chancellor, decisions against the grassroots would have been made. And that’s why I believe that we would do well now to ask the members what they want. “

BILD presenter Nena Schink wonders how things will go on with General Secretary Paul Ziemiak after the CDU debacle.

Kuban: “I consider Paul Ziemiak to be a political talent and therefore he will certainly have a future within the CDU. In the end, whether or not he remains secretary general is always a question of what the party leader proposes – whoever it will be. We’ll see.”

Kuban thinks that one must now ask why the CDU lost the election. From his point of view, this was “that we had no motivated basis”. “And that’s why it’s also about the question of giving a certain boost to motivation,” says Kuban.

Roger Köppel thinks: “The CDU is being turned through the meat grinder. This CDU certainly made mistakes, but at the end of the day: The stupidest thing is how the CDU stabbed Armin Laschet in the back. The CDU is now being sold below its value. “

“I share the assessment that Armin Laschet is someone who has always considered the cohesion of the party and the cohesion of Germany to be more important than his own person,” says JU boss Kuban. Nonetheless, one has to say that the CDU got 24 percent in the end and the SPD 26 percent. “And that makes a difference in the end,” says Kuban.

“I think that Armin Laschet did not recognize Jamaica what is best for the country, but what the only possible thing is for him – namely the Chancellery,” says BILD opinion leader Filipp Piatov.

Kuban thinks that one must humbly acknowledge that the ball is now “in the field of Olaf Scholz, Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans”. “If they manage to form a government – ok. But if they don’t make it, then the Union will also be ready for a Jamaica coalition and that is ultimately up to the three coalitioners. “

Refugees and Migration

“The subject of refugees and migration doesn’t sound new, but it is,” says Gunnar Schupelius. We have to talk about the topic of flight and migration, believes the BZ chief columnist. In the election campaign and also during the explorations, the topic was hushed up, although it is of extraordinary importance for Germany and Europe.

“We have new escape routes to Europe that end right outside Germany’s borders or in Germany. We should stop being silent about it, ”says Schupelius.

Köppel agrees: “That almost took on bizarre scenes, as one simply excluded the subject. There is a huge scam in the Aysl and Migration area. Most people come here for economic reasons. You have to create orderly migration conditions. “

The politician Gerhard Schröder

We have to pay tribute to Gerhard Schröder as a politician, says Roger Köppel. It has now been 16 years since Gerhard Schröder had to hand over the Chancellery to Angela Merkel. It was all the more noticeable today how future-oriented Schröder was as Chancellor, says “Weltwoche” boss Roger Köppel. “He deserves respect.”

The JU chairman Kuban agrees that the word “Agenda” or “Schröder” has almost been declared a dirty word. “That’s the core problem.”

But then Kuban really gets going. Regarding Schröder, he says: “If someone stands up and says that the higher gas prices are due to the fact that there is too much consumption in China, then that’s complete nonsense! In the end, it is because there is an artificial shortage in Germany, that Gazprom’s gas storage facilities have only been filled to 60 percent and not 90 percent, as is usual. All of this to make the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline attractive. “

“And that’s why you can’t take this topic as an introduction here today and sing a great song of praise to Gerhard Schröder,” said Kuban.

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