tim paine sex scandal: Tim Payne on sex complaint: Australian cricket scandal – the sex scandal which has caused the ouster of tim paine tells more about australian cricket than the individual

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Not even the moisture of the joy that celebrated the World Cup victory would have dried up. The Australian cricket team is once again embroiled in a controversy. This time the cross bearer for the team is Test captain Tim Payne. This has led to a debate over who will be the team’s next captain. News is that Pat Cummins will be appointed as the new captain. Coming to the helm of a fast bowler is likely to be a turning point in Australian cricket.

But there is something more important than that. Why is the Australian team constantly embroiled in controversy? How did Australia lose its grip on world cricket? What has Tim Payne got to do with divorce?

Sandpaper and pornography

He is accused of sending pornography to a female employee of the Tasmania Cricket Board in 2017. Payne has resigned over allegations that the affair is currently being exposed in the media. This is half the story. Steve Smith’s captaincy removed in 2018 for sin involved in Sandpaper scandal. Along with him, David Warner and Berncroft are also being sentenced. Darren Lehmann fired as coach. A committee is being set up to look into the cause of the sudden collapse of Australian cricket. Justin Langer, who has full confidence in Australian values, takes over as the team’s coach. The captaincy is given to the experienced Tim Payne in order to restore the team’s reputation.

Which Tim Payne? The same Tim Payne who is embroiled in a controversy over sending pornography and facing trial! Did the Cricket Board of Australia play a role in covering up the investigation into Tim Payne? Now how can it be fair to accept Payne alone as the culprit?

This is how the whole blame for the sandpaper affair was built on Smith’s head. Australian cricket writer Gideon Hai, author of the book Crossing the Line, says that holding individuals accountable for mistakes is a tactic the team has adopted over time.

Australia’s deepest problems

ricky and warne

When did the Australian team start to deteriorate? When will crime increase in a country? When poverty increases. With top stars like Steve Waugh, Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath and Ricky Ponting building their ranks one by one, the Australian team lost its throne as an unbeaten team. While the cricket world accepts this fact, the Australian team alone has not been able to digest it. MS coming in language film. It was their attempt to make their past look like that, believing that there was still something that was not like Bhaskar. But success alone is not enough. If it is in the pot, it will come in the bag?
The strategy of the crossroads is that Australia has no other choice. This fact can be understood by a careful analysis of the Tim Payne affair. Payne is being made captain because of a lack of proper replacement leadership on the team. The Australian team management has no choice but to cover up Payne’s complaint. Was the team pure self-effacing only in the past? Not at all. But at least the team operated under Australia’s values.

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There is a natural law. Everything in the horn must one day go down to the abyss. Urbanization, a growing multicultural culture, and changes in child rearing have also played a key role in the changing trend of Australian cricket, says Gerald Kimper, a writer who has long cared for Australian cricket. Take urbanization for example. The apartment culture has abolished the practice of playing cricket in the backyard of Australians. In fact, even Don Bradman would have been an ordinary player if he had been born into this generation. Alone Australian boys today are forced to work in groups and in the care of the family. Smith remembers crying like a child after making a mistake. Multiculturalism has caused dissatisfaction among Indigenous Australians. Usman Khawaja, a native of Pakistan, continues to be criticized by former Australian players. All of this together is creating a smokescreen within Australian cricket.

Why is Australian cricket being pushed to the point where it wants to win at any cost? One of the main reasons for this is their revenue sharing. Star players also contribute to fundraising for advertising and television licenses. This is the complexity of Australia’s approach to cricket more professionally than any other team. Knowing all this, Dan Bradman in the 1980s vehemently opposed the transformation of Australia into a professional team. Now the Australian administration is bent on injecting changes in the revenue distribution. This too has caused a stir among the players. So individuals alone cannot be held responsible for the downfall of Australian cricket. In Rajinikanth’s words, ‘the system is corrupt.’

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New leadership, new start?


Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. Australia is the first country to achieve Test status after England. Thus their attitude in cricket is the exact opposite of England. You can also see this in the way the captain is selected. Mike Briarley, author of The Art of Captaincy, makes this clear in one chapter. ‘England will select the captain and then select the team. Australia will pick a strong team and pick a captain from it. Except on a few occasions this has been the method of selecting the Australian captain. ‘ Australia also has some unwritten legal plans on who to choose as captain.

Even Tim Payne, the protagonist of this article, is a miracle choice. So far only four keepers, including Payne, have captained the Australian team. It is also true that keepers around the world are often not considered captains. But the team, which is known for its crack delivery, did not even captain a crack bowler. Ray Lindwall captained the team for only one match. Don’t hate that either.
Mike Briarley says this is due to the cricket management’s class discrimination against fast bowlers. Crackers are always emotionally turbulent because they are physically active. It can also cause them to vent their anger on fellow players at times. It will also pave the way for teams to form teams within the battlefield for batsmen and bowlers who are rooted over time. Even cricket god Don Bradman has a stance against the style of bowling captain. ‘When a cracker is captain he forgets when he should throw and when he should give others a chance,’ says Bradman.

It is this historical background that has raised expectations for Cummins’ choice. Pat Cummins is not only the best player currently in Australia but also the most respected in the world of cricket. After Ponting, he has a chance to become the poster boy captain who impressed the Australian fans. Because of his pleasant nature, he is less likely to have personality problems that come with other fast bowling captains. But he is likely to have problems deciding when to throw and when to lead others. The reason is that he is a real Australian who thinks that giving his life should contribute to the team.

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Who is the alternative to Cummins?


In such a situation an experienced batsman can be appointed as his vice-captain. This will give Cummins a chance to absorb the views of the batsmen who are a key part of the team. Team politics between batsman and bowler will also be limited.

Here another important question arises. Would Cummins have been considered for the captaincy if he had been as zero as Macro in the batting game? Who else but Cummins has a chance? Again the responsibility could be handed over to Steve Smith himself. That desire makes him exist too. But the 2018 Sandpaper affair is likely to become the talk of the town again if he comes to power. It’s not only a matter of honor for Australian cricket but also a matter of business, so the team management will not go down on that perverse endeavor. Beyond that, if Smith is made captain, memories of the past are likely to stand in the way of his natural aggression.

Not just Smith, but the team as a whole after 2018 is like that. The humiliation of that day has not yet completely departed from them. The real Australian team is the one who drank beer in the shoe after the World Cup victory. But are reluctant to express that quality on the field. Warner is no match. Matthew Wade is likely to be a good choice. But he also risks becoming another Warner. Marnus Labushen could be the right choice when considering the future. Australia’s best batsman after Smith; Coach Langer’s reputation; Who embraced the perseverance of South Africa. But not once in centuries of Australian history has a non-Australian been appointed full-time captain. Whichever of the two, Cummins or Labushen, comes to the helm, it could be a turning point in the history of cricket in that country.

Finally a few words about Tim Payne, the man in this article. Payne scoffed at Aswin during the last Australian series, saying, “The GABA Test is your last Test.” In response, Aswin retorted, “Come to India and your cricket career will end.” It had actually come to an end before that. Must be the charcoal tongue for Aswin!


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