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The proposal

The proposal – according to Corriere reports – came to the president of Tim Salvatore Rossi from the American fund, which is already a shareholder of Fibercop. Rossi has convened a council for today to communicate the proposal, which comes while the storm rages on the telephone group, with the first shareholder, the French media company Vivendi, which has set in motion to change the top management.

Vivendi: No discussion with Cvc

Meanwhile, the first shareholder of Tim Vivendi, who holds approximately 24% of the capital, reacted to the news. Vivendi reaffirms its willingness and willingness to collaborate with Italian authorities and public institutions for Tim’s long-term success. what a spokesman for the French media company said, underlining that Vivendi was a long-term investor in Telecom Italia and the state from the beginning. Furthermore, Vivendi firmly denied having had discussions with any fund, and more specifically, with CVC for a possible takeover bid on Tim, in response to Kkr’s proposal. This was stated by a spokesperson for Vivendi who reaffirms his willingness and willingness to work alongside the Italian authorities and public institutions for Tim’s long-term success.

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