Time Magazine Pictures of the Year: Netanyahu Loses Power

by time news

End of the longest tenure: The American magazine Time chose today (Thursday) the 100 photos that made the year 2021. Among the photos chosen: Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks at the empty seats in the Knesset – just before a new government is sworn in and he loses power.

For all the pictures of 2021 chosen by Time magazine

In preparation for the new year, the American magazine selected the 100 photos that made the year – from all fields and countries. Among other things, and apart from Netanyahu, the unusual disturbances seen on Capitol Hill also entered there. Among the photos selected from that difficult event for the American nation are officers with weapons drawn with the front door of the House of Representatives blocked – and behind it a lot of supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Another picture that was chosen and made chills is the picture of the 81-year-old Ritsufi Panayuta. The photo was taken in August when huge fires broke out on the Greek island of Avia as a result of the worst drought in the country in three decades. In the photo, Pantiuta is seen fleeing the scene – as the flames approach her home.

The magazine did not forget the corona plague that has accompanied us for almost two years. Among the selected images – technicians from Biontech, the company that worked with Pfizer on the vaccine against Corona, in the last stage of vaccine production, filtering the vaccine before transferring it to packages that are ready to be shipped to countries around the world.

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Apart from these things, also in the fields of culture and sports some pictures were selected into the magazine. One of the photos is of Britney Spears’ supporters outside the court in Los Angeles. The photo was taken on November 12, the day the judge decided to end the custody of Spears’ father. In sports – a few photos were selected from the Tokyo Olympics that took place in July and August, after a year of postponement following the plague. Among the selected photos, runners are seen in the starting line against the backdrop of empty seats in the stadium – just before they jump into the men’s 100m final.

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