Tinker sentenced to 11 years in prison for killing and decapitating drug dealer

Tinker sentenced to 11 years in prison for killing and decapitating drug dealer
Agnaldo dos Santos Miranda on the day he was arrested (Photo: PC de Souza/Edições MS)

Tinker Agnaldo dos Santos Miranda, 32, was sentenced to 11 years in prison and a 10-day fine for the qualified homicide and destruction of the corpse of Eliel de Jesus, 44 years old at the time. The last trial took place this Friday afternoon (31), at the Jury Court, in the Coxim Forum, 252 km from the capital.

The crime took place in May 2019, in the Nova Coxim neighborhood. Miranda had already been tried before, but had the judgment overturned last year.

During the last trial, the accusation was made by prosecutor Leonardo de Miranda Taveira, who defended the conviction for aggravated homicide and destruction of a corpse. The defense was on account of the defender Rafael Duque de Freitas. He tried to push away the qualifiers, but they were recognized by the judges.

According to the case file, Miranda killed the victim with several stab wounds, decapitated the body and even reported that she even ate meat from the victim’s neck. Given the seriousness of the crime, Judge Larissa Luiz Ribeiro fixed the sentence in a closed regime.

In addition to the conviction, Miranda was also obliged to compensate the victim’s family in R$ 5,000, duly corrected.

The case – Tinker Agnaldo dos Santos Miranda, 28, admitted having beheaded Eliel de Jesus, 44. The crime took place on the night of May 5, 2019, around 10 pm, near the intersection of Rua Água Viva and Avenida Alceu Alves da Costa, in Bairro Nova Coxim, in Coxim.

According to the State Public Ministry’s complaint, Agnaldo was at home with his father when the victim arrived at the scene and offered him drugs,

They left the residence, but then an argument ensued. During the disagreement, Agnaldo took a knife and hit the victim several times. The suspect told the investigators that he did not remember how many blows he gave Eliel before decapitating him, however, the autopsy showed 16 perforations, one of them in the heart.

After killing the victim, he cut off Eliel’s head and left the member on the porch of the house of Ozias Gomes de Lima, 48, a colleague with whom the victim would also have consumed drugs. Agnaldo was arrested the day after the crime as he arrived at a convenience store on Rua Gaspar Ries Coelho, where he was going to buy tobacco.

To the police, the man further detailed that after ripping off the victim’s head he cut off a piece of meat from the neck and ate it.


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