Titov reported to Putin on the termination of work with the “London List”

Boris Titov, the Russian President’s Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs, presented a report to the head of state, Vladimir Putin, where it is said that work on the return of businessmen from the so-called “London list” was stopped due to the position of the Prosecutor General’s Office, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the document.

The “London List” includes entrepreneurs living abroad. In Russia, criminal cases have been initiated against them. However, with the guarantee that the preventive measure in the form of detention is not applied to them, the businessmen are ready to return to their homeland.

“At present, the process of returning entrepreneurs has been terminated due to the position of the General Prosecutor’s Office, which declares that it is impossible to guarantee that entrepreneurs arriving in Russia will not be taken into custody as a preventive measure,” the agency quotes the report of the business ombudsman.

During Titov’s work with the London List, 12 entrepreneurs returned to Russia. It follows from the report that from 2018 to the present, 136 appeals from businessmen have been received by him. 10 of them are currently in the works.

In June last year, Titov announced the suspension of work on the return from abroad of businessmen from the “London List” in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Then he said that earlier the former general director of “Transfin-M” Dmitry Zotov, suspected of fraud, had come from Latvia to Russia in accordance with the agreements. However, upon arrival in the country, he was met by the police and detained. After that, the businessman was arrested, but later released on recognizance not to leave. In June, he was again detained on suspicion of embezzling 1 billion rubles.



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