TN Pongal Gift: Good News for Ration Card Holders – Tamil Nadu Government Super! – rs 505 worth pongal gift packages will be given to ration card holders in tn

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  • Good news for family cardholders
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In Tamil Nadu, every family card holder will be given a Pongal gift package worth Rs. 505 on the eve of the Thai Pongal festival.

DMK leader and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin had announced a few days ago that a Pongal gift package would be given to all rice family cardholders ahead of the Tamil Thirunal Thai Pongal festival.

The scheme, which will benefit 2.15 crore ration card holders, is being implemented by the Department of Food Supply and Consumer Protection through all ration shops. It is planned to offer Pongal gift package without rush through ration shops. Details of who will be distributed to whom on which dates will be announced later.
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It has been decided to distribute tokens for this. Extensive arrangements are being made to make shopping convenient without the long queues at ration shops. Each will be given a Pongal gift package worth Rs 505.

The order has been issued by the Additional Chief Secretary of the Department Mohammad Naseemuddin. It says:
It is proposed to provide 20 items for Rice Family Cardholders and families living in Sri Lankan Tamil Rehabilitation Camps for Thaip Pongal by 2022. The government spends 505 rupees per beneficiary for this. Through this 1,088 crore 17 lakh 70 thousand 300 rupees is being spent.

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Only ghee in the Pongal gift package is allowed to be purchased through Avin, a public sector undertaking of the state. Expenditure on this project (Rs. 1,088 crore) is funded and mandated.
Thus it is said.
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Details of items included in the Pongal gift package:
Pasteur – 1 kg, Jaggery – 1 kg, Cashew – 50 g, Grapes – 50 g, Cardamom – 10 g, Algae lentils – 500 g, Ghee – 100 g, Turmeric powder – 100 g, Chili powder – 100 g, Coriander. Powder – 100 g, mustard – 100 g, cumin – 100 g, pepper – 50 g, tamarind – 200 g, lentils – 250 g, lentils – 500 g, semolina – 1 kg, wheat – 1 kg, salt – 500 G, one cloth bag. Apart from these, one cane is to be provided.

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