Chief Minister MK Stalin, who recently visited Dubai to attract business investment, signed various MoUs. According to the Tamil Nadu government, the trip to Dubai has raised about Rs 6,100 crore through contracts with six companies.

Lulu Group International, owned by Kerala-based businessman Yusuf Ali, has the largest investment of around Rs 3,500 crore in these six companies. The company has announced plans to open hypermarkets in Tamil Nadu. Traders lament that their livelihoods will be affected if the Lulu Hypermarket comes up.

Apart from that, if the Lulua Hypermarket is opened in Tamil Nadu, a protest will be held on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said its coordinator Diamondraja Vellayyan.
DMK MP’s son joins BJP: Annamalai lifted by sketchHe told reporters in Coimbatore, “We were about to hold the 39th annual Business Day Conference in Tamil Nadu. The initiative was abandoned due to ill health of President Vellaiyanan. Instead, the festival is being celebrated by distributing welfare assistance to the poor in the district and offering sweets by hoisting trade union flags.

In Tamil Nadu, the online sales of Amazon, Flipkart and Walmart have increased. It oppresses small, marginal and medium traders. We have been giving voice for the last twenty years to remove this completely. We are pushing for a ban on foreign soft drinks, such as Pepsi and Coke. Its dominance in Tamil Nadu has declined by 85 percent.
Lulu Hypermarket in Tamil Nadu: Who benefits?
It lasts only 15 percent and should be avoided. Lulua Mall, which has signed an agreement with Amazon, is set to set foot in Coimbatore for the first time in Tamil Nadu. The company plans to set up a massive shopping mall on 25 acres. Its arrival will put small and medium enterprises in a difficult position.

Therefore, a huge struggle will be waged against this on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce. ”

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