Tnuva’s secret website revealed: Are prices cheaper?

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Tnuva (Photo by Miriam Elster Flash 90)

The Tnuva food marketing company has opened a secret website for the company’s employees and their families that offers a direct delivery service to the customer with refrigerated deliveries and refrigerated trucks and allows joint ordering with the Shockbook website, in a way that bypasses the way consumers buy Tnuva products from retail chains.

The website, “Tnuva Market” unveiled by N12 consumer reporter Maayan Perati, offers the company’s products directly to consumers and is launched in a launch version only for Tnuva employees, and according to the company’s announcement in the coming weeks it will grow to full format with a variety of products and promotions. What do the site offer? Dairy products, cheeses, delicacies, fruits, vegetables and breads.

Recall that the exposure on Tnuva’s website, a site that presents different prices for unique customers, comes after the exposure of Shufersal’s website for the ultra – Orthodox sector where it offered many products at significantly cheaper prices than their price for the general public.

In an investigation published in a major edition of the news company, Tnuva replied that the public could not reach the site and that it was open only to the company’s employees. Will the site be open to the public? According to the source in the company, “not yet known.”

And now to the price question: Is it really cheaper to buy directly from Tnuva instead of through the marketing chains? According to the source in the company: “It’s the same prices,” but the answer is a bit far from that. For example, cooking cream cost NIS 16.30, compared to Rami Levy’s website – which puts the same product at NIS 11.9 – a difference of 36%. Piraeus Bulgarian cheese – on the Tnuva Market website the price is NIS 22.8, compared to the price on the Rami Lou website where the price is NIS 15.9, a difference of 43%.

And how does the shipment arrive? To check the N12 consumer article, we ordered bread, tomatoes, basil seedlings, cooking cream, butter and Bulgarian cheese. The bread came cold and not crispy “a bit squishy but just fine”, the basil seedlings came out nicely (“look great”), and the tomatoes came cool and good. The cardboard in which the dairy products arrived was fine cardboard (about NIS 4-5 per unit) and thus it keeps the cold, and there were also pieces of ice inside.

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    Disgrace. Consumer boycott. they need (LT)



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