To promote the convenience of interoperability of various IoT devices, the Connectivity Standards Alliance Announces the Release of Matter Version 1.0 Technical Specifications

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) announced that Matter, the unified connectivity specification proposed a few days ago, has officially launched version 1.0 of the technical specification, and has simultaneously opened up certification applications. It is expected to further promote the convenience of interconnection and use of various IoT devices in the future.

With the release of the 1.0 version of the specification, the Connectivity Standards Alliance will also conduct relevant product certification through authorized test laboratories, formulate standard test tools, and provide open source reference design tools, so that more commercially available IoT devices will no longer be generated by various connection protocols. gap. The existing IoT devices can be marked with the Matter identification mark as long as they pass the certification, making it easier for consumers to judge.

Tobin Richardson, President and CEO of the Connection Standards Alliance, said that the Matter protocol will unify the IoT standards that operate over network IP connections, thereby promoting the accelerated development of the IoT industry and products. It is a development milestone and lays the cornerstone for the future development of IoT applications.

At present, companies including Apple, Amazon, Google, IKEA, Samsung, NXP, Signify, and Schneider Electric have joined the Matter protocol and shared their IoT connection technology, allowing more brands of IoT devices to connect to each other smoothly, making Consumers can operate IoT devices of different brands at home with a single control interface, without having to switch between different operating platforms as in the past, or even facing the situation that devices of different brands cannot be linked.

The connection method can be through common Wi-Fi, wired network, or through Bluetooth and Thread wireless transmission protocols, so as to ensure that IoT devices through different connection methods can be linked with each other.

In the previous description, many industry players expected that IoT devices supporting the Matter specification would be launched one after another by the end of this year at the earliest, and they are expected to grow vigorously from 2023.

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