To talk about statehood in Ben Gurion’s tomb is a bad joke

Use the IDF for political needs. Altlana (Hans Finn, National Assembly)

President Yitzhak Herzog and Prime Minister Yair Lapid participated today in the memorial service for the first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in Sde Boker. The two talked about his and the army’s statesmanship, in connection with the debates within society in recent days.

For example, the president of the country said: Discussions on the morality and purity of weapons are important, criticism is legitimate and sometimes necessary, but I would like to make it clear: we must not in any way harm the statehood of the IDF. We must not drag the IDF into the political field. And certainly it should not be turned into a tool for political criticism. We have one IDF, which acts in the name of all of us, and for all of us. And just as it protects us, we must also protect it.”

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Lapid, who was less of a monarchist, joined the right-wing parties: “The new government does not believe in the Declaration of Independence and does not believe in what Ben-Gurion commanded us: to keep the state of Israel liberal and democratic. A Jewish state but not a Halacha state. A strong state, but not a state that oppresses its citizens.”

Ben-Gurion was anti-state

If there is a place where it is a real mockery to mention the word statehood, then it is Ben-Gurion’s tomb. The one who was the first Prime Minister of the State of Israel led a kind of dictatorship here, ruled by the “human notebook” and the Tzatalach (notes) of his party members who gave preferential treatment to the people of Shlomo. It took thirty years to cleanse Israel of the corruption of Mapai rule. And we still haven’t gotten rid of his part.

But beyond that. If there is anyone who turned the army into a political tool, it is Ben-Gurion. He ordered the IDF to fire live weapons at the Altlana ship, and at the time the men of Lehi and IDF had no chance of reaching any position. ), but in the state institutions, the door was slammed on them.

“Carry the name of Hitler”

Even within the political system, he was devoid of any sign of statesmanship. He coined the term “without freedom and MK” coalition, when he sculpted entire wings in Israeli politics, which reached almost twenty mandates.

He called his main political opponent – Menachem Begin – a Hitlerite. and wrote about him in his diary:The mall passed by yesterday on November 1, in an open Cadillac, with 20 motorcyclists running in front of it and the newspaper ‘Hirot’ announced this morning in huge letters about ‘Begin’s victory march’. The existence of the party in Israel is a black stain on Israeli democracy. This degeneration is fueled by the backwardness of some communities in Israel and Yigal Alon helps Begin in his propaganda.”

Towards the end of his political life, he dared to speak of cooperation between Begin and Hitler:I did not share the view of Mr. Landau and his friends regarding Germany, I did not share with them when they glorified and praised and carried the name of Hitler and set him up as an example“. Begin did not agree to this sentence and after long minutes of shouting, and Ben-Gurion’s refusal to retract it, the Knesset session blew up.

David Ben-Gurion founded the state, his character was probably also important for the first years. But mentioning over his grave the words state, or the fact that it is forbidden to use the IDF for political purposes, is folly.

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