To the end: The Extreme Basketball Competition 2 * 2 Jerusalem 2021 will take place during the Hanukkah holiday

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Extreme 2 * 2 Jerusalem will kick off on Tuesday, 11/30/21, at the YMCA Sports Hall. Jerusalem Municipality: “This is a unique game and the first of its kind in Israel and in the world in general, intended for couples of all ages.”

Posted on: 11/24/21 2:03 PM

The Jerusalem Municipality continues to challenge the basketball industry and will hold for the second time the unique basketball event ‘Extreme 2 * 2 Jerusalem’ during the Hanukkah holiday. “This is a unique game and the first of its kind in Israel and in the world, for couples of all ages,” the municipality emphasizes, noting that “the game was developed by the basketball department of the municipal sports department and combines 4 challenging basketball competitions including: 2 * 2 game on one basket, shooting competition, “A two-ball game, survival, and a three-way competition, all under the extraordinary pressure of the times, at high intensity without breaks and without stopping for about an hour.”

It should be noted that each of the 4 games will be given its own score, with the maximum score of all four games together being 100 points. The winning team is the one that will achieve the highest weighted score in the competition, in addition to the bonus score that will be awarded for game skills ranging from playing and shooting abilities, strategic conduct under time pressure to dealing with particularly intense activity.

Extreme 2 * 2 Jerusalem will start next Tuesday, November 30, 21 at the YMCA Sports Hall (10: 00-16: 00 for teenagers and from 19: 30-22: 30 for graduates) and will continue in the early stages on December 1. At the YMCA (10: 00-16: 00), on 2.12 at the Pisgat Zeev Sports Hall (10: 00-16: 00), at 5.12 at the Malcha Sports Hall (10: 00-16: 00) and at 6.12 in the sports hall ‘Denmark’. The winners of these competitions will advance to the festive final event to be held in the presence of Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon during the month of December. More details and registration on the municipal website.

Mayor Moshe Leon: “I applaud the creative, pioneering and original work of the city’s sports department, the ability to produce a unique blue and white Jerusalem game in the industry testifies to the department’s uncompromising professionalism and exceptional community understanding. We will continue to cultivate sports throughout the city and make it accessible to neighborhoods. “That the game will be a role model for the whole world and, as always, Zion will come out in a row.”

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