To those who celebrate the Afghan earthquake with laughter emojis

Afghanistan witnessed the largest earthquake in two decades yesterday.

More than 1,000 people have been killed in a series of earthquakes and torrential rains in eastern Afghanistan’s Paktika province on Wednesday, according to the latest reports.

About 1,500 people were injured. Authorities say hundreds of people may still be trapped underground. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. Many houses and buildings in the area have been damaged in the accident.

A large section of the ruins are dilapidated dwellings made of mud. The lack of basic amenities and living standards in the lives of the Afghan people is an important factor in pointing out the extent of this danger. The main responsibility for this lies with the governments that have ruled the country for a long time without leading the country to any economic progress and without even providing the basic facilities required by the people.

It is also a paradox that the people and the government here are reaching out to the rest of the world for food and other aid, while billions of Afghan assets are frozen in countries including the United States.

The injured were airlifted to hospital by helicopter from most of the hinterland following the previous day’s crash. At the same time, the full extent of the damage from the accident has not yet been released.

The international media has already reported on the country’s food shortages and economic crisis since the Taliban came to power. There were pictures of thousands fleeing without even getting food and reports of parents selling their own children due to starvation.

The country was shaken by the tragedy and the devastation caused by the inhumane laws imposed by the Taliban government.

Even before the earthquake, the Afghan health system was a complete failure. Today, the people of the region are being hit twice as hard as they could without even the proper treatment for the earthquake victims.

Communication routes are also disrupted. The Taliban government has sought financial assistance from various foreign countries in the wake of the crisis.

The United Nations is working to bring food and other basic necessities to the people in the hinterlands of the province. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear that he stands by Afghanistan and is ready to provide all necessary facilities.

But there is something more frightening going on in the news comment boxes than the pictures of the dangers in Afghanistan. The number of people posting laughing emojis following the news of the earthquake has not decreased this time either.

The news is full of emojis and curse-like comments that celebrate the current situation and deaths in Afghanistan.

They see the quake as a major setback for the Taliban government. Therefore, they are reacting on social media in such a way that this accident and the deaths caused by it should have happened.

There is no doubt that the Taliban and the Islamic State must be opposed. The Taliban regime, which does not give women basic education or freedom of movement, and organizations such as IS, which constantly attacks and places no value on human lives, are not at risk. It was not the members of such an organization who died suddenly in the earthquake and rain, but the common people.

The ordinary people of the Middle East are not Al Qaeda, the people of Iraq and Syria are not IS, and to say that Afghanistan or its people does not mean the Taliban, at least not just the Taliban.

The people of Afghanistan and the anti-democratic Taliban government there are two. Comments that do not even recognize this primary difference are disappointing.

The quake will not affect the Taliban government, which is ruling the country by suppressing the rights of the Afghan people, beyond economic losses. Reviving the country from this may be a challenge for them, but the victims of this catastrophe are the ordinary people who have lost their land, homes and relationships. We need to address them, and their needs need to be considered by various world powers, including the United Nations.

The world needs to think about the people of Afghanistan beyond the laughing emojis and Taliban springs that fill the news below.

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