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Colombo (News 1st) Trincomalee – Kinniya area today (25) mourning day is being observed.

A statement issued by the Kinniya Pradeshiya Sabha said that the day of mourning was being observed to express condolences to the victims of the ferry accident and for the speedy recovery of the victims.

Accordingly, today (25) all houses, shops, government and private companies have been asked to fly the flag and celebrate the day of mourning in a peaceful manner.

The Kinniya Civil Society Union has demanded the closure of schools and businesses and co-operation in the mourning day.

Except for rallies and demonstrations, everyone is asked to engage in special prayers for the victims in their own homes.

The request was made by the Kinniya Pradeshiya Sabha, the Association of Schools, the Ulema Council, the Shira Council and the trade unions.

Meanwhile, the Road Development Authority said that steps have been taken to expedite the construction work for the bridge from Kinniya to Kurinjakkeni.

The Director General of the Road Development Authority LVS said that the construction of the bridge is expected to be completed within six to nine months. Weerakoon mentioned.

He said construction was also delayed due to delays by the contractor.

The Director General of the Road Development Authority has pointed out that the construction work for the bridge from Kinniya to Kurinjakkeni has been handed over to another contractor and it has been decided to expedite the construction work.

06 persons including school children who were traveling on the ferry were killed in an accident that took place yesterday (23) while the ferry was being used for transport due to lack of bridge in Kurinjakkeni area.

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Nineteen survivors are being treated at Trincomalee and Kinniya hospitals.

Meanwhile, the three arrested in connection with the ferry service have been remanded till the 08th of this month.

The interrogation order was issued when the suspects were produced in the Trincomalee Magistrate’s Court.

The owner of the ferry, its payer and the person paying the toll have been arrested and are being held on remand.

For the past two days, comments have been made in Parliament on the ferry accident that has plunged not only Kinniya but the entire country into tragedy.

The need for a bridge over the Kinniya region has been raised in parliament several times, according to United People’s Power MP M.S. Velukumar mentioned this during yesterday’s sitting.

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