Gold, Silver Prices Today in Chennai tamil: Despite the steady price of gold, today is their second consecutive weekly decline. Gold prices fell by Rs 15 per gram yesterday and fell again today.

Gold, Silver Rates Today News Updates in tamil: The global economy is in crisis due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thus, it has caused dissatisfaction in trade, exports and imports. As part of this, the price of precious metal gold has been fluctuating continuously over the past few days.

Although the price of gold is steady, it is their second consecutive weekly decline today. Gold rose 0.1% to $ 1,824.72 an ounce yesterday (28.35 grams). It was previously trading at a low of $ 1,820.99 a week. US gold fell 0.2% to $ 1,825.90. Gold prices fell about 0.9% this week.

The United States has the highest inflation rate in 40 years. Speaking in the Senate on controlling this, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell called the US commitment “unconditional.”

A strong dollar makes greenback-priced gold more expensive for buyers holding other currencies. Thus the benchmark US controls the demand for gold. Higher interest rates and the higher the chance cost of holding a gold bond, it does not pay interest. So investors are avoiding investing in gold.

Today’s Gold Price Status:

Gold prices fell earlier this month. Then dramatically reduced on June 14th and 15th. Then there was the ups and downs in the price of gold. Jewelery gold in Chennai traded lower by Rs 10 per gram, Rs 80 per ounce, to Rs 4,765 per ounce and 22-carat jewelery gold at Rs 38,120 per ounce yesterday.

In this situation, the price of gold has fallen today. Accordingly, in Chennai, the price of jewelery gold fell by Rs 17 per gram to Rs 4,753 and 22 carat jewelery gold by Rs 136 to Rs 38,024 per ounce.

Silver Price:

There is no change in the price of silver. Accordingly, a gram of silver sells for Rs. 66 in Chennai.

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