“Today I am writing poems”: art campaign in Frankfurt

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AWhen public life was shut down for a few weeks last year, many creative people took refuge in writing and digital. Some pondered what it meant to be locked in; the others looked for ways to find a momentum of solidarity in the common ground of this experience. One of these projects was “Today I write poems” by artist Katharina Zorn and actress Jasna Fritzi Bauer: Nobody should feel left out, everyone should feel inspired and send them poems, was their appeal. Both then curated the texts online.

A year later, public life takes place again. Around 2000 poems have come together and a selection can be read during the Frankfurt Book Fair. However, not at the fair itself – but in the Frankfurt cityscape. They are emblazoned in large letters on the Junior House, and they can also be read (with a little effort) on the cobblestones of the Römerberg. Right next to it is the Schirn Kunsthalle, in whose Badias restaurant the two artists show a film on the project that evening. Why there? “The book fair asked us quite spontaneously to organize an event. We are close friends with the owner who supported us directly. We are very pleased that it worked, ”says Katharina Zorn. After all, the Schirn is a central place in Frankfurt’s cultural life.

A lot of people came from Frankfurt’s nightlife, and they are happy that there is still an evening event. The film is short and impressive. One of the strongest texts, the first, is by Zorn himself. It is about the United States and the megalomania of former President Donald Trump. How did she come to write it? “At some point I didn’t have the nerve to just read children’s books to my daughter. So I read her poems by Thomas Brasch. When she slept, I felt like writing something myself. “

In Frankfurt: poems on the street

Image: Caroline Jebens

In the film, public figures recite poetry – actors, models, authors. The better lyrics go beyond the experience of the pandemic. Like that of Ubin Eoh, who writes entertainingly sarcastic about the ignorance of rich people, for whom it was easy to ignore the world’s problems while on a yacht. Or that of the writer Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre, who writes about the forever closed Club 27, too legendary to really want to join it.


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