Today is the launch of the Miura-1: the Spanish private investment rocket, where and when can we see it?

Today is the launch of the Miura-1: the Spanish private investment rocket, where and when can we see it?

2023-05-31 10:25:27

PLD Space has delayed the launch of its Miura-1 SN1 prototype rocket until the last day of May. Online coverage of the launch is available. This is how you can see it…

When: PLD Space will launch its Miura-1 suborbital rocket in the early hours of this Wednesday, May 31. The launch is scheduled to begin at 05:30 CEST, or 03:30 UTC, but as of this posting 10:20 am, it has not yet launched. The company will begin broadcasting takeoff.

The launch window the company is using started this morning and will end tomorrow at 10am, so they have some time before the broadcast’s scheduled start time of 5:30am. and 11:00 a.m.

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Finally, the strong gusts of wind that Huelva suffers have caused the launch of the rocket to be suspended today. For more information, we would have to visit your Twitter profile.

For the development of this experimental mission aboard a suborbital rocket, the precise launch time is not essential. The weather was a deciding factor in deciding when to launch the mission.

The weather in recent days has not been the best. The second half of May witnessed a sudden meteorological change that brought storms and rains that became torrential in many parts of the peninsula, despite the meteorological stability associated with the drought of recent months.

The company has taken a very cautious stance when dealing with potential technical and external incidents. This involved the option to cancel the launch on the morning of the 21st due to rain and low cloud.

We are in a new golden age of space exploration, with investment up 87 percent in 2021.

The company will contact the El Arenosillo Experimentation Center (CEDEA) of the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA)based in Huelva, at 5:30 in the morning. On the PLD Space YouTube channelwhere everything is already available for viewing, you can keep up with the event.

In addition, it is possible to follow him through the company’s website, social media accounts and this article:.

first space mission. Testing the technologies that the Levantine company is developing in the field of aerospace technology will be the main objective of this MIURA 1 SN1. The company’s ultimate goal is to create the Miura 5, a two-stage orbital rocket that can launch satellites and up to 900kg in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) or 540kg in Solar Synchronous Orbit (SSO).

In a note to the press, Ral Torres, CEO of PLD Space, pointed out that the first flight of the MIURA 1 SN1 technology demonstrator aims to collect as much data as possible to continue validating an important part of the design and technology. and processes that would later be transferred and integrated into MIURA 5.

Miura 1 will orbit the Earth, even though it is not an orbital mission and will not make a full circle. It will cross a diffuse barrier known as the space barrier, which is 100 kilometers above sea level.

The company will need to prove itself and earn the trust of potential investors to succeed with this high-stakes launch. This is true despite the fact that it managed to classify its offer in the PRTR (Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience) Aerospace in recent months and reached the milestone of 60 million euros in investments in February.

Thus, PLD Space could join companies like SpaceX or Axiom in the LEO economy and become the first totally private company to be able to operate in space.

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