today rasi palan: இன்றைய ராசிபலன் (27 நவம்பர் 2021): Daily Horoscope, November 27

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Based on today’s planetary position, let’s see how today’s horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces is …


Today is going to be a great day. Get rid of harassment by your relatives and friends. There will be progress in politics.

Your speech needs active focus. Keep in mind that emergency speech can cause problems. Your efforts will pay off. Favorite things happen.


Today will be a happy day for friends. The status of the husband-wife relationship will be mutually exclusive. Your speech will be respected in the community and in the family. The academic performance of the students will be good.

It is a good day for those who are involved in buying and selling properties. The help of friends and relatives may be needed as sudden trips can occur. Success comes to those who are involved in problems related to Native property.

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Looking for good opportunities. Gradual improvement. Cash flow will be better. Your needs will be met. Physical health improves and agility is achieved. There are benefits to eliminating problems.

Have the expected delivery. Those who fall into the trap of love have a happier life and those in the visual media and art fields will get the recognition they deserve for your endeavor. This is a good day to get new opportunities. Worship of Venkata Jalapathy will lead your efforts towards further success.

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Today is a great day for friends. Be relaxed as those involved in activities related to buying and selling assets are more likely to experience minor delays. Government-related things are likely to end that. This is a great day for those in the arts and journalism.

Self-employed people who earn the good name of management are more likely to be disturbed by those in their credentials. However, there are benefits to these.

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The lion

You will have unwanted waves. There will be a cost in excess of the credit. So it is necessary to adhere to austerity. And it is important to be careful about anything. With that anything can be tackled. Controlling anger is very important. You will get the support of those who are with you anyway.

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Today is a great day for the zodiac. Obstacles that had been in place for a few days will be removed. So that the thing will succeed. The support of loved ones would be better.

Those who are involved in new business ventures will find success. Job seekers will get good news Education level will be good for students.

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Today is a great day for friends. Husband-wife unity is good. Long-awaited things will come hand in hand with a peaceful relationship with seniors who creep into the family.

Will be successful in benevolent endeavors such as marriage. The educational level of the students who get pleasure from the children will be better. The academic performance of the students will be good. New opportunities are available for those studying abroad. Good information for those who are waiting for a job after finishing education.

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This is a good day to give pleasant events to friends. Things related to Native property that are good for unity with the elders in the family can end in success. Success is possible for those who are involved in buying and selling property. Tuition costs are likely to be in addition to students’ academic performance.

This is a great day for women. Husband-wife unity is good. You will buy new appliances for the home where auspicious endeavors like marriage will succeed. A few have the opportunity to buy something like a mobile phone computer.

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Friends make good progress in education. There are many, many happy events for those who fall into the trap of love where family unity is good Husband-wife unity is mutual. Self-employed people will see a boom.

Heaven for those involved in activities related to buying and selling assets that improve the educational level of students. You will think about long-term investments that will cause mental happiness by relatives and friends.


Although there are minor conflicts between husband and wife for women, there is a similarity over the afternoon. Job seekers have the opportunity to come and join the good news.

The pressure from superiors is high on those in office in the political and government sectors. Have fun with the kids. Good news is likely to be available to those who are looking forward to having a baby.


Minimize vain waves to friends. Those who are on the job will get success for your hard work. There will be a slight shortage of self-employed people. However you will successfully overcome these and move forward.

Husbands and wives are more likely to have minor disagreements with older ones in the family, even if they have minor problems. Speech requires restraint. It is better to be patient and put off new business ventures and signing contracts as students will be on the path of good progress in education.


Today is a great day for Nairs. It is a happy day for women and peace prevails in the family. Husband-wife unity is a day when the elderly can be fine by giving a little physical harassment. Many things that have been delayed for so long can be successful if unity with family members is good.

Gain in terms of vehicle. Thoughts related to agriculture will successfully deal with even the slightest shortage of mind-blowing own entrepreneurs.


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