Todorovsky Jr. told why foreigners fail to film about Russia

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The TV Beats Forum dedicated to TV series took place at the Dark Nights Film Festival in Tallinn. It took place within the Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event, one of the largest audiovisual content business platforms in Northern Europe. This year, the TV Beats Forum focused on Russia. And this was facilitated by Roskino – this year the company launched the Russian Content Worldwide brand with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Cinema Fund.

One of the most notorious events of the series forum was a public interview with Pyotr Todorovsky Jr. The successor of the famous cinematic dynasty and the author of the acclaimed TV series “Flight” came to Tallinn to present his new series “Healthy Man”, which he plans to complete in January. In the meantime, with this project I participated in the Work and Progress section. And, since there is a great interest in the author in particular, and in Russian TV series in general, he answered questions in a separate Public Talk. According to Peter Todorovsky Jr., in the future there will be fewer platforms in Russia, but the quality of original projects will increase. And, answering a question about foreign projects dedicated to Russian history, the director replied that Western producers and creators, filming Russia and about Russia, often do not understand our country. “They rarely feel the tastes of the Russian audience. You have to be and live in Russia in order to feel and understand it,” said Todorovsky Jr.

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Also this year, the program of Russian participation in the TV Beats Forum included the following areas:

– Screenings of six Russian TV series. “Vertinsky”, “Insomnia” “Beyond Himself”, “Vampires of the Middle Lane”, “Germans” and Happy End. All of them are presented not only in cinemas, but also on an online platform for a professional audience – participants in the Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event.

– Presentation of new series that are in the production stage. The premiere of these projects is scheduled for 2022. These are “Alice’s Dreams” and “Survival Game-2” (produced by “1-2-3 Production”), “ChrisTina” and “Alice” (START), “Ballet” (Art Pictures Distribution).

– A special screening of the Happy End series, followed by a Q&A session with the creators of the project – director Yevgeny Sangadzhiev and producer Anastasia Koretskaya.

– Participation of Russian industry representatives in the business program. Darya Bondarenko, Director of Content Rights Management at START, took part in the discussion “Betting on Local Stories: How to Position Feature Films and Series in a Rapidly Changing Market”. And Nadezhda Zayonchkovskaya, the director of sales, international relations and co-production of 1-2-3 Production, took part in the session “Film production vs serial production: basic insights and challenges”.

Roskino General Director Evgenia Markova commented on Russian participation in Tallinn this year: “For the second year now, the Russian industry has a comprehensive presence at the Industry @ Tallinn & Baltic Event, including the TV Beats section. The Baltics and Northern Europe in general are important markets for us in terms of cooperation. we already have a very successful co-production experience with Estonia – “Coupe number six” (Russia, Finland, Estonia, Germany), “Captain Volkonogov fled” (Russia, Estonia, France) – these films have received international recognition. we focus on potential co-production in the TV series segment and participate widely in the TV Beats Forum, presenting a whole line of new projects. to the Tallinn Film Festival, will help popularize Russian content for both professional and general audiences audience “.

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What other Russian films and TV series were presented in Tallinn this year:

In the Just Film Works in Progress section, which focuses on children’s and youth cinema – the film “Girl-Baba” by Aglaya Nabatnikova and the joint project of Russia and Kazakhstan “Summer will End Soon” by Yana Skopina.

The European Genre Forum hosted a discussion “The Sputnik film as an example of the Russian sci-fi genre”. Speakers – Alina Tyazhlova, creative producer of the film, and Arman Yakhin, CEO of Main Road Post, a studio responsible for visual effects in a fantasy thriller.

On the co-production market, Co-Production Market, the project Yurki, directed by Vlada Senkova, is presented.

Young Russian actress Victoria Miroshnichenko (best known for her role in the film “Dylda” by Kantemir Balagov) took part in the support section for young actors at Black Nights Stars. As part of Black Nights Stars, eight international actors are trained by leading casting experts.

In the Music Meets Film program, film director Andrei Tarkovsky Jr., together with Belgian director Nina Degrev, will discuss the theme of music in cinema at the discussion “From Tarkovsky to Zvyagintsev”.

The new Future to Film program features films nominated for the European Film Academy 2021 in the Best Film Debut category. Among the six projects – the only Russian film – “Whaleman” by Philip Yuriev (co-production of Russia, Poland, Belgium).


The Russian Film Festival is being held for the first time in Estonia as part of the Dark Nights Tallinn Film Festival and its satellite, the KinoFF Contemporary Russian Film Festival, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Cinema Fund. Four films of the RFF program: “The Last” Sweet Bulgaria “by Alexei Fedorchenko,” Conscience “by Alexei Kozlov,” Blockade Diary “by Andrey Zaitsev and” Stanislavsky. Lust for Life “by Yulia Bobkova. They are available to viewers from November 11 to 28 in offline screenings, and in online format they can be watched on the Elisa Stage platform from November 29 to December 19.

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