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The meeting on the eve of the signing of the “Quirinale Treaty”, for enhanced bilateral cooperation

“The signing of the Treaty for Enhanced Bilateral Cooperation is an important achievement, a far-reaching text. It is a commitment that unites two founding countries of the European Union that share the commitment to build the great European project. A stronger relationship between Italy and France contributes to building a stronger EU, all the more necessary today in the face of challenges that only a more integrated Europe can face, as the pandemic crisis has highlighted ”. Thus the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, meeting the French president Emmanuel Macron at the Quirinale. The many measures envisaged to strengthen dialogue and cooperation “are an investment in the common future of Italy and France,” added Mattarella.

On Friday morning, in the presence of the two delegations, the signature of the “Quirinale Treaty” by President Macron and the President of the Council of Ministers is expected Mario Draghi. The goal, among others, is to create dialogue mechanisms to avoid or contain possible misunderstandings or misunderstandings in the bud, mindful of the tensions of the recent past, which resulted in the diplomatic crisis of 2018. Among the shared themes there are – also – the strengthening of the European Union, the common commitment in the Mediterranean and in Africa, digital and environmental transitions, security, culture and education, economic and industrial cooperation, cooperation in the space sector, relations between the respective civil societies and cross-border cooperation.

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