Tokyo 2020, 15 Covid infections in people related to the Games

One person tested positive for Covid in the Tokyo Olympic Village. The news confirmed by the organizing committee of the Games comes six days before the start of the Olympics. He is a foreign citizen, not an athlete – they said according to the NHK – and it is believed to be the first case in the Olympic village. The subject would be quarantined in a hotel reserved for those who are asymptomatic or with minor symptoms.

The organizing committee also said that 14 people with Olympic accreditation tested positive at Covid today: people connected in some way to the Olympics, working for the organizing committee, for the mass media or for the suppliers of the Tokyo, Hokkaido, Chiba and Saitama.

As for the Covid situation in the country, the data confirmed yesterday by the Japanese authorities spoke of more than 3,400 cases ascertained in 24 hours, 1,271 of which in the Tokyo area, which – according to Kyodo – for the third consecutive day recorded more than a thousand cases in one day. Despite the news reported by the NHK, by Toshiru Muto, head of the organizing committee, no details have arrived regarding the person who tested positive or on his nationality or if he is a person vaccinated against Covid or not. All measures have been taken to avoid the spread of the infection so that everyone in the Olympic Village can feel safe, he said.


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