Tokyo 2020, the head of the organization does not rule out cancellation – The head of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, Toshiro Muto, did not exclude any scenario in the case of an explosion of Covid infections in the Olympic village, not even a cancellation of the event at the last moment: “We cannot predict what will happen in terms of infections”, he noted, “they could both increase that decrease and we will think about what to do when the problem arises “.“We will continue to discuss whether there will be an increase in cases”, added Muto, “we have agreed that based on the progress of the pandemic, we will hold new five-party talks. (organizing committee, Tokyo city hall, Japanese government, IOC and Paralympic Committee, ed.) “.

Big companies are distancing themselves

Meanwhile, the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Olympic Village has pushed large companies to try to dissociate themselves from increasingly unpopular Games, viewed favorably by only 33% of Japanese public opinion, according to the latest Asahi Simbun poll. Toyota, which has removed the Olympic logo from commercials broadcast in Japan, is not the only sponsor whose executives will desert the opening ceremony to be associated as little as possible with an Olympics that is turning into a source of embarrassment for the Country. The top management of giants such as Asahi, Panasonic, Fujitsu and NTT also made the same decision. The heaviest absence, however, will be that of Masakazu Tokura, number one of the chemical group Sumitomo and, above all, president of Keidanren, the Japanese equivalent of Confindustria.

Macron in tribuna

The opening ceremony, at which the French president announced his presence Emmanuel Macron, unique among the leaders of the G7 apart from the landlord, will also have to do without the music of the famous Japanese composer Keigo Oyamada, noto come Cornelius, who decided to give up following the re-emergence of an old interview in which he boasted of having bullied a disabled schoolmate. One of the many damage to the image that surrounds the much heavier one of an Olympic “bubble” which has proved vulnerable despite daily tests on athletes, 80% of whom are vaccinated. There are now 71 people involved in various capacities in the Games who tested positive at Covid-19, four of them inside the Olympic Village.



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