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(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 23 – They, the Japanese, used the mask well before the Covid 19 pandemic. They, the Japanese, are known all over the world for their attention to cleanliness and rules. And a few hours after the official start of the five-circle races, they are increasingly afraid. And the “fault” lies with others. In particular, those who do not respect the anti-contagion rules at the Olympic Village. Thus, the mini-surge in infections (+19 cases in a single day, and the constantly evolving total that exceeds the threshold of 100 cases) has increased fears that, to tell the truth, have never abandoned the population of the Rising Sun . Of the 19 new positives, three are athletes from abroad, who will now remain in solitary confinement for 14 days, while among the other 16 with Olympic accreditation there are three members of the contract services and three of the mass media. For months, after the announcement of the move to 2021 of the 2020 Olympics, polls have shown that most of the Japanese did not want these five-circle Games. But the IOC and the organizing committee – and the nightmare of a cost that would have been even higher than it will surely be – have moved on. In the weeks leading up to their arrival in Japan, athletes, managers and journalists constantly received playbooks on the rules to be taken into consideration at all times in Japan. For example, it is written in many places that you can only remove the mask when drinking, eating and sleeping. Yet, as told in a report published by “The Asahi Shimbun”, at the Olympics not yet started, many indications seem to have already been put aside. In particular, an employee of the Olympic Village, who remained anonymous, confided that, despite the dispensers being positioned everywhere, many refuse to sanitize their hands at the entrance to the large canteens. The concern of Japanese workers mainly concerns breakfast, when the premises are occupied at 70-80 percent of the capacity. Disposable gloves and masks “seem optional. Some refuse to wear them, saying they don’t need them.” And then again. “Bare hands touch food that other people might eat. These behaviors could cause a cluster at any time.” They, the Japanese, just don’t like the idea that someone may even have removed the panels installed to block the passage of droplets. Many of them are increasingly convinced that this Olympics should never have been played. (HANDLE).


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