Tomato prices begin to fall in Tamil Nadu; Selling for Rs.70 per kg

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Tomato prices in Tamil Nadu have started declining due to the increase in imports from overseas. Thus the housewives are delighted.

Due to the increase in imports from abroad, the price of cooking tomatoes in Tamil Nadu has come down from Rs. 30 to Rs. 40 per kg to Rs. 70 per kg.

The first heavy rain started in Tamil Nadu on the 6th. Paddy and vegetables in several districts, including the delta, were submerged due to heavy rains. Thus, the price of tomatoes required for cooking has risen dramatically. Tomatoes were priced up to Rs 180 and sold. Various parties have demanded that the government take steps to reduce the skyrocketing tomato prices. Accordingly, tomatoes were sold at Rs. 70 and Rs. 80 per kg at green farm shops.

In this situation, large quantities of tomatoes were imported from states including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The lorries which were usually up to 30 lorries are now being hauled up to 40 to 45 lorries depending on the demand and tomatoes are being imported. Due to this the price of tomato in Tamil Nadu has come down drastically from Rs.30 to Rs.40. In the Coimbatore market, the wholesale price of a kilo of tomatoes fell by Rs 30. In the Coimbatore market, the first variety of tomato was sold at Rs 110 per kg yesterday, down by Rs 30 to Rs 80 per kg yesterday.

Similarly, 2nd grade tomatoes were reduced from Rs 100 to Rs 30 and sold for Rs 70. In this regard, Coimbatore Small Wholesalers Association President Muthukumar said, ‘Tomato prices have fallen. Accordingly, wholesalers sell tomatoes at Rs.70 to Rs.80 and retailers at Rs.100. Also, prices are likely to fall. If the rains subside, prices will definitely go down. ‘

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