Tomato prices rise again … Today’s vegetable price situation

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Today’s vegetable price situation

Today Vegetables Price: The general public is worried as the price of tomatoes has gone up again.

At the Chennai Coimbatore Vegetable Market, the price of a kilo of tomatoes rose sharply from 60 rupees yesterday to 15 rupees today.

The Coimbatore vegetable market received 600 tonnes of tomatoes yesterday and 653 tonnes today. Traders say the price of tomatoes has skyrocketed as demand has increased.

Price status of all vegetables in Chennai Coimbatore market today: (Price per kg in Rupees)

Onion 36/30/26
Naveen Tomato 75/70
Country Tomato 70/65
Cylinder 32/26/22
Small onion 60/50
Ooty Carrots 60/55/50
Bangalore Carrot30
Beans 50/35
Beetroot. Ooty 50/45
Karnataka Beetroot 35/25
Chow Chow 18/15
Radish 60/50
Cabbage 25/20
Marrow 70/60
Ujala Eggplant 60/50
Tax cut 50/45
Zucchini 50/40
Artichoke 45/40
Zucchini 25/30
Army 20/16
முருங்ககாய் .90 / 80
Sorghum 20/15
Cauliflower 30/25
Cucumber 15/12
Green Chili 35/30
Peas 70/60
Ginger 60/45
Garlic 60/90/130
Beans 70/50
Yellow Pumpkin10
White pumpkin.10
Birkankai 60/50
நூக்கள் 60
Cauliflower 50/45
கொத்தவரங்காய் 40
Banana 6/5
Banana stem, tree 35
Banana flower15
Chili 65/60
Color Jug 160/150
Caraway 30
All lettuce 25/35
Coconut 35/36

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