Tomatoes, eggplants and drumsticks affected by rain in Dindigul Rs.100: |

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Ottansathram: Tomatoes, aubergines and drumsticks are selling for Rs 100 per kg in Dindigul district due to continuous rains.

Dindigul district receives 25 percent more northeast monsoon rains than usual. As a result, waterlogged areas in the vegetable growing areas have been damaged. So the supply of all vegetables has decreased. As a result, the price of vegetables has gone up.

The high yielding tomato plants in Palani, Ottansathram, Vedasandur and Vadamadurai were damaged by the rains. Thus the tomato fruits burst on the plant. So the price of tomatoes has been rising for a week. 90 per kg of tomatoes in the external market yesterday. Up to 100 sold. The scissors sold for Rs.95 to Rs.100. Mung bean – Rs. 65, sorghum – Rs. 44, beans – Rs. 100, drumsticks – Rs. 100, beetroot – Rs. 45, carrots – Rs. 60.


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