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A kilo of tomatoes sells for Rs.79

A kilo of tomatoes sells for Rs.

In Tamil Nadu, the price of tomatoes has been selling for over Rs. 100 per kg for the last few days. As a result, the price of food made with tomatoes has increased and the use of tomatoes for home cooking has decreased.

In this situation, the Tamil Nadu government had said that steps have been taken to make tomatoes available at lower prices.

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Following this, steps have been taken to sell tomatoes in 65 farm green shops in other districts, including Chennai, run by the Co-operative Department.

Accordingly, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 79 per kg in farm green shops. This is a bit of a comfort to people.

Cooperative officials say they plan to buy 15 metric tons of tomatoes a day to sell to farm green Nugo stores.

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A kilo of tomatoes sells for Rs 110 to Rs 140 in the open market.

The supply of vegetables has been reduced due to the northeast monsoon and prices are said to be high.


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