Punto Z, Tommaso Zorzi’s first experience in conducting a TV program, will be available tonight on Mediaset Play

Tommaso Zorzi has become the best known face of Italian television. Fresh winner of Big Brother Vip, the influencer has become a columnist on the Isola dei Famosi and guest of the Maurizio Costanzo Show. Now it’s time for Zorzi to run his own program. The first episode of “Il punto Z” will be broadcast today, Wednesday 7 April 2021, at 8.45pm on Mediaset Play, live and on demand. The program is inspired by American late shows and will consist of interviews, games and variety.

“It has always been my dream to conduct a program”, Tommaso Zorzi told Ansa – This program for me is a first step so that you can learn TV by doing it, there is no school. It is a space tailored to me and a platform like Mediaset Play also allows me to be a little less perfect, more ‘dirty’. My myths? Certainly Costanzo, from whom I am learning a lot, and then Fiorello, Maria De Filippi, Raffaella CarrĂ . I love Franca Leosini and her cursed stories “.

The Z point of Tommaso Zorzi: what we will see and guests

Tommaso Zorzi in his “Il punto Z” will take inspiration from the historical program “Hello Raffaella?” re-proposing the famous jar game. Guests will be asked the exact number of peas contained in the container and also to comment on a positive and a negative tweet, as well as giving the host a confidence (Tommy card) that will be revealed only at the end of the episode. The first guest of “Il punto Z” will be Giulia Salemi while the first connection will be with Maurizio Costanzo. Tommaso Zorzi for the theme song has chosen “Sugli Sugli Bane Bane” and the video will be attended by the female faces of the Island of the Famous (Ilary Blasi, Iva Zanicchi and Elettra Lamborghini).

In addition to making his debut as a conductor, Tommaso Zorzi from Thursday 8 April will also comment on the daily smears of the Isola dei Famosi broadcast on Italia 1 from Monday to Friday at 6:20 pm.

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