Tools to improve smartphone photo taking

Tools to improve smartphone photo taking

Smartphone cameras and automatic image processing software are so good at creating great photos on the go that most people don’t even need to carry a separate camera around anymore. There are a lot of applications that can put a “filter” on the image in order to make it in a better condition, but if the user really wants to improve the performance of his smartphone, then the formats used by professionals, known as “raw”, should be considered, which is the raw data, and many of them .

There are many camera tools that capture and edit RAW files available in app stores.

And for the “iPhone 12”, “iPhone Pro” and “Pro Max”, which runs on the “iOS 14.3” operating system, you can capture and store “RAW” files by going to the main setting applications, and choosing the camera. , and then the formats. And click the button next to “Apple Pro Row,” which is the variation of the “Raw” format. And for the “iPhone 14 Pro”, you can choose the resolution in order to store your 12-megapixel or 48-megapixel “RAW” files, then open the “iOS camera” application, and choose the “RAW” feature at the top of the screen to the left, Click the close button to save the file to the image repository.

A 48 megapixel file allows for taking pictures with good detail, but the file size of each image can be 75 megapixels or larger. If you have an iPhone with a terabyte of space, large files aren’t a problem, but phones with smaller storage capacity can fill up quickly. The images that can be taken with the main camera of the “iPhone” can be stored with a resolution of 48 megapixels, while those taken with the phone’s wide-angle cameras are self-stored with a resolution of 12 megapixels.

For Android phones, finding Row settings on Android phones varies depending on the device and manufacturer, so you should check your phone’s support site for specific instructions. And if you have one of the “Pixel” phones from “Google” running on “Android 13”, you must go to the camera application, click on the down arrow in the upper left corner, choose more settings, then advanced options, then click on the button near Control RAW + JPG, and then the camera takes a picture in JPG and RAW format, but stores the larger files in separate RAW files on the Google Photos app.

As for Samsung Galaxy phones, the camera settings include advanced options for saving images to RAW files. In Settings, go to Format and Advanced, and press the Copy Row button. For older model Galaxy phones, Samsung has finally released the free Expert Row app, which is available in the Galaxy Store.




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