Torah Judaism signed with the Likud, but there are still no agreements on the conscription law

The formation of the government is approaching. Last night (Tuesday) agreements were reached between the Likud and Torah Judaism, and the party signed the role annex to the coalition agreement, but in fact the negotiations have not yet ended, and today a meeting will be held on the fundamental issues centered on the conscription law. In this way, Shas became the last faction that has not yet signed agreement, despite the promise that you would do it first.

The distribution of roles in Torah Judaism is as follows: Chairman of the Torah Flag Moshe Gafni was appointed Chairman of the Finance Committee, Agudath Israel Chairman Yitzhak Goldknopf will serve as Minister of Housing, Meir Parosh will serve as Minister of Jerusalem and Tradition and will be responsible for what is happening on Mount Meron. It should be noted that this is a position Another one that was invented and awarded to the party, after they claimed there that Otzma Yehudit, which received the heritage file, left almost no content in the file for Jerusalem affairs.

In addition, Uri Makleb will be appointed Deputy Minister of Transportation and at the same time Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office where he will establish an authority for ultra-Orthodox affairs, Israel Eichler will be the chairman of the Welfare Work Committee, Yaakov Tesler will be the Deputy Minister of Welfare and Yitzhak Pindros will serve as the chairman of the Public Inquiries Committee.

In Torah Judaism, they wanted the signing of the appendix of positions before the closing of the principles and said that “since an extension had to be requested from the president, we have now signed that the subject of positions is closed, and tomorrow there will be a meeting on the principles.”

It was only on Monday morning that Degal HaTorah’s “Yeted Na’eman” Betown wrote that “the coalition agreement will be signed only after the agreements on the fundamental issues have been reached.” However, by late Saturday night, Netanyahu must ask President Buzi Herzog for an extension that would give him up to 14 days to form a government, or to announce ‘alah bidi’, and then he would have a week until the inauguration. For this reason, the signing of the annex against Torah Judaism was necessary for the Likud in order to prove progress in forming the government. Now all that is missing is a similar document from Shas, where they signed off on the exchange of the chairman, which paves the way for the regulation of Minister Aryeh Deri’s status, but this process will only start next week.

However, between Torah Judaism and Likud, the dispute over the wording of the conscription law remains. Agudat Israel insists on returning the Tal Law (the original law to postpone conscription of yeshiva students) to its original status and regulating the status of yeshiva students, and in Likud they are interested in the law proposed by the Ministry of Defense, in which there are quotas for the ultra-Orthodox who will be required to enlist in the army, and if sanctions are not taken against them, this is opposed by the ultra-orthodox parties According to the proposed compromise, Degal HaTorah agrees that it will be written in the agreement “that the conscription law will be introduced with the consent of all factions”, while Agudat Yisrael wants to determine from now on what the wording that will be submitted will be.


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