Tortuga is born, the magazine of “slow culture” – The new “Tortuga Magazine” is online from today:

A project supported by the ENEA Cultural Association, a non-profit organization for the promotion and defense of Italic culture in the world, chaired by Luca Saltini. The editor in charge of the magazine is the writer Marco Ciriello.

The original idea was born from the initiative of a large group of journalists, writers, editorial officials, cultural organizers, artists, scholars. The goal is to think of a third page addressing an international audience – several studies indicate that over 200 million people are interested in Italian culture in the world – developing an alternative approach to news to infotainment and syncopated communication of breaking news.

“Tortuga” (turtle) refers to an idea of ​​culture that wants to be slow and outside the logic of haste and superficiality. It is obviously a Salgarian name, therefore linked to one of the most well-known Italian authors in the world, read, still translated, which allows you to merge in the imagination the Italianness, the love for the Italian way of life (which certainly is not only Italians), with an international outlook.

Immediately on the page portraits, interviews, insights. Books, music, poetry, TV series: the attention goes to different expressive means. The newspaper aims to be an opportunity to meet significant intellectual paths outside the mainstream logic. Space immediately for great repressions of the Italic culture – such as Guido Morselli – the complicated relationship between Europe and Russia since the days of Samizdat, in memory of a great Italic – the musician Astor piazzolla – to pieces related to the crisis of journalism, to a certain idea of ​​the Mediterranean. There will be a tribute to Giulio Giorello and the magazine’s editorial is devoted to the issue of the engagement of writers today.

Among the first collaborators: Armando Torno, Daniele Bresciani, Amleto De Silva, Gioacchino Criaco, Bianca Fenizia, Jacopo Guerriero, Massimo Maggiari, Max Ferrarotti, Giulio Marioni, Paola Del Zoppo, Alessandra Minervini, Giovanni Savino, Ruggero D’Alessandro, Silvia Stucchi . The illustrations are by the painter Fabio Mingarelli.



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