Torture by telling him to come at night…! Famous actress who called the actor for adjustment…!

Torture by telling him to come at night…!  Famous actress who called the actor for adjustment…!


Actor Ravi Kishan made his debut in 1992 in the film Pithambari. She has acted in Telugu, Tere Naam, Danu Weds Manu Bollywood and Bhojipuri films and has shocked everyone by saying that she too had an adjustment problem in an interview.

Moreover, the film industry has been shocked by the fact that a famous actress has said that.

Film actresses, small screen actresses and many others are shocking the fans by making allegations that they are facing adjustment problems for opportunities. Ravi Kishan has given startling information that it is only women who are being harassed in cinema for being invited to bed for film opportunities.

When I was selected for a film in the early stages, everything went well. The shooting will start in two days. Then suddenly the female celebrity called me and asked me if I would like to have coffee at night. Coffee is usually invited to drink itself during the day. That too, when the actress called me as an ordinary actor, I understood the matter and refused.

But the actress did not let go and tortured me. My father should never cross paths with me and earn. I just remembered saying that if you earn like that it won’t last. I was removed from the film as I did not agree to the actress’ wishes. He said that only then did I understand everything completely.

The presenter suddenly raised the question of who the famous woman was, saying no, she didn’t want to say her name. Now he is a huge celebrity. Nakma and I talked about love. They said so because we continued to act in films. I got married before we both acted together’ said Ravi Kishan.


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