Toshiba GR-RT325WE-PMT(06) New 2-Door Inverter Refrigerator Add a water dispenser in front of the refrigerator

Toshiba presents two door inverter refrigerator, model GR-RT325WE-PMT(06), capacity 8.8 cubic, elegant design, designed to eliminate every user’s penpoint. by adding a water dispenser in front of the refrigerator So that everyone in the house can drink cold water without opening the door. Reduce loss of cooling capacity save energy and save time

Comes with Origin Inverter system that controls the operation of the inverter fan in relation to cooling thereby increasing the efficiency of cooling and help save more energy than before No problem of wasting energy and unstable cooling Maintain food freshness for longer There is an Ag+ Bio deodorization system that effectively filters and decomposes unwanted odors. food is so fresh And the refrigerator is always clean. Beautiful design. Morandi Gray is coated with 10 layers of doors to prevent scratches. Durable. Warranty for compressors up to 10 years.

More product information can be found at , or call 02-511-7999

Toshiba GR-RT325WE-PMT(06)

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